DALLE Mini: How To Use, Features, Pricing & Alternatives

The DALLE Mini (Craiyon AI) is a great AI that can understand and create images from simple prompts. You can save time, save money, and sharpen your creativity by using this amazing AI image generator. In this article, we will let you know everything about DALLE Mini!


The DALLE Mini is an AI powered Image generator paltform that can create amazing images from simple text prompts. Now, the DALLE Mini is renames and named as ”Craiyon AI”. You can use it for free.

In today’s article, we will look at what is DALLE Mini, Some of its key features, How to use it, its pricing, and some of the alternatives of DALLE Mini. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What Is DALLE Mini?

Craiyon AI

The DALLE Mini is an Artificial intelligence-powered Image generation platform that can generate images from text prompts. It is an open-source community-created project which is inspired by OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator.


The DALLE Mini was built by a group of members but, the main developer was Boris Dayma. The DALLE Mini is still going under development but the platform is getting over 40 Lacks visitors per month!


By using this AI image generator, you can create realistic photos of anything. All it takes is just a simple text prompt. We have tested its model and can tell you that, it can produce excellent images. The more creative you are with the prompts, the more quality pictures will be!

Features of DALLE Mini

AI Image

The features of DALLE Mini are amazing in one word. This was impossible to think that, an AI would be able to generate high-quality images with just text prompts. But, it’s the reality now! There are many features are there in DALLE Mini. Let’s see some of the key features below:

1. Great Text-To-Images

The DALLE Mini is designed and trained on a large database of images. As a result, it can generate excellent images in no time. It can create images in every style. You can create images in realistic, cartoon, aesthetic, and many different styles. Overall, it is great for text-to-image generation.

2. Image Customization

The Images that DALLE Mini provides are customizable. After you give the AI instructions about generating images, it will give you a result. Now, the image may not be exactly as you want. But, with the customizable features, you can customize the images and make them how you want them to be.

3. It' Free

The DALLE Mini is a completely free-to-use AI platform. But, if we compare it with other AI image generator platforms, it can generate great images. Again, it is in developing mode. But, the main point is, that you will get great images at no cost!

4. Easy To Use

The DALLE Mini is very easy to use. You can use it without any signup or login. You can directly visit the platform and give text prompts. It usually takes less than a minute to give you image results. After you get images, you can select one and customize it easily.

How To Use DALLE Mini?

ChatGPT API Pricing

The DALLE Mini is very easy to use. You can use it by going to its official platform. One more special note, the DALLE Mini has rebranded its name to Craiyon AI. So, using the Craiyon AI means using the DALLE Mini. Now, let’s see how you can use it:


  • Go to Craiyon AI (Previously DALLE Mini).
  • Now, You can enter your text prompt directly into the box.
  • You can select image styles as well.
  • After giving your text prompt, click on ”Draw”.

That’s it! You now will get images according to your prompts. Now, You can customize them and download them!

DALLE Mini Pricing

Craiyon AI Pricing

The DALLE Mini is free to use. To use it you don’t need any money. You can use it without any login or signup. But, there are also paid plans of Craiyon AI with more features. Plans are Supporter, Professional, and Enterprise.


The Supporter plan will cost $6/month. The Professional plan will cost you $24/month. And, the Enterprise plan will depend on your business size. In this case, you will have to contact them. In every plan, you will get an Ad free experience.

DALLE Mini Alternatives

Bing Image Creator

The DALLE Mini (Rebranded name: Craiyon AI) is free to use. But, if you want to try out other AI image generators then, you can do that too. You can use Bing Image Creator, Gencraft, StarryAI, etc. We have prepared a dedicated section about DALLE Mini’s (Now, Craiyon AI) alternatives, you can read it Here.


Q. Is DALL-E mini available to the public?

Yes, DALL-E Mini is available to the public. It is rebranded and named Craiyon AI. You can use it by going to craiyon.com.

Q. Is Craiyon the same as DALL-E Mini?

Yes, the Craiyon is the same as DALL-E Mini. To avoid the naming confusion with OpenAI’s DALL-E, the name of DALL-E Mini changes and is renamed as Craiyon AI.

Q. Is DALL-E Mini safe?

Yes, The DALL-E Mini is safe to use. You can use it for free and safely. Also, you can keep your AI-generated images private by purchasing one of their paid plans.


In conclusion, The DALLE Mini is one of the most used AI-powered platforms that can generate AI images in no time. The DALL-E Mini is now rebranded as Craiyon AI. You can use this platform for free by goign to craiyon.com. However, there are paid plans as well which are packed with more features.


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