X to Charge New Users $1 per Year in Two Countries

If you are looking to create an X (Former Twitter) account from the Philippines or New Zealand then, there is a message from Elon Musk. The news is that you will be no longer able to create an X account for free!

X to Charge New Users $1 per Year in Two Countries
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As per the program of ”Not a bot”, the new users of X will have to pay $1 per year to prove them that they are not bot! The testing is starting from Phillipns and New Zealand. Seems crazy right? A dollar to prove you are not a bot! Well, Elon Musk thinks it will be beneficial to detect bot accounts and keep the platform cleaner.

Not just that, the users of the Philippines and New Zealand will have to verify their phone numbers as well. This is a mandatory step, a part of ”Not a Bot” program. But, why New Zealand or the Philippines? Well, the X may find out that these two countries have the highest bot account record! However, the true reason is not disclosed.

But, Elon Musk’s X will roll out this mandatory step to other countries once the testing period goes successfully. But, if you are thinking that, you will not be able to do anything without paying then, you are wrong.

As per a tweet from Elon Musk on Oct 18, he says that the new users will be able to read and watch the contents of X for free. But, in order to write or post, it’s necessary to pay $1 per year. He also added that this will not stop bots completely, but will be 1000X harder to manipulate the X.

After the purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk has made significant changes to this platform. He fired employees, changed the logo, changed the name, brought a subscription, and is now charging for creating an account. Let’s see how the users take this!

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