ChatGPT Error 429: A Simple Guide to Fixing It

ChatGPT is a massively populated AI-powered chatbot that offers free chatbot services to its users. However, OpenAI says that you can ask ChatGPT unlimited questions! But, there is a catch. If you send too many questions at the same time then it will show you ChatGPT Error 429. Let’s see what you can do in this situation.

ChatGPT Error 429

The ChatGPT Error 429 can be solved by checking your internet connection, Switching the device, Waiting for a moment, Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus, Not exceeding the Maximum number of requests per hour, etc.

In this complete article, we will tell you what is Error code 429, what causes ChatGPT Error 429, and finally, what are the fixes that you can try to fix this issue. So, without any further do, let’s get started!

What is ChatGPT Error 429?

The ChatGPT Error 429 is an API rate limit error. When a user sends too many requests to the ChatGPT API at the same time, the chatbot places a temporary ban on the user from sending any new queries.


In the case of ChatGPT, it will ban you for 1 hour only. There will be no new queries accepted by the ChatGPT API. This especially happens to ChatGPT’s free users. However, the paid users are also reporting that they are also facing the same issue.

What Causes ChatGPT Error 429?

ChatGPT Bad Gateway Error 502

There are a few reasons which cause the ChatGP Error 429. We have analyzed this issue and found these three causes that are mostly behind this issue. Let’s see what are these:

1. For Sending Too Many Requests

The ChatGPT Error 429 primarily causes by sending too many requests at the same time. Though, OpenAI says that, you will be able to send unlimited requests. But, the actual situation is different. You will get a maximum number of request quotas per hour (Invisible). The limit will depend on your query type. After you exceed the limit the ChatGPT will show this error.

2. Internet Connection Issue

If your device is lacking proper internet connection then, this issue can also arise. Because, by not having a proper internet connection, the connection between your device to ChatGPT’s server will not be smooth. This will result in ChatGPT Error 429. However, this will not stay for a long time. Once you fix the internet, it will be resolved.

3. Server Overload Issue

ChatGPT is used over Billions of times in a single month. This amount to users is very tough to handle. Especially for the pick hours. This is why, when the ChatGPT stays in the pick hours the rate limit error occurs more frequently. This time the server stays overloaded. The time is usually between 7 AM – 5 PM.

How To Fix ChatGPT Error 429?

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If you are encountering this issue with error code 429, there is nothing to worry about. If it is urgent for you to use ChatGPT, you can use it by creating another account or try using Bard, Bing Chat, etc. Now, Let’s see how you can solve this issue easily.

1. Check Internet Connection

First thing first, you should check your internet connection. This is an excellent fix as many of the users have benefitted by doing this. For checking internet speed you can go to If you see that the internet speed is not up to the mark then, change the connection to a speedy one. Then, log in to your ChatGPT account and try to send a new query. 

2. Switch The Device

If you are encountering this issue then, you can also try switching your device. Yes, the account will be the same but the device will be different. This will break the limit of 429. For example, if you are tying to use it from a desktop, switch your your phone. You can also try using incognito mode on your phone. This may fix the issue.

3. Wait For A Moment

The third thing that you can do is wait for a moment. The OpenAI suggests you wait for at least one hour and try again after that. This is the must working way to fix this and most probably the most effective fix for the 429 error. In the mean time, you can use other chatbots like Google Bards, Microsoft Bing, Jasper AI, etc.

4. Upgrade To ChatGPT Plus

If you don’t want to fall on the ChatGPT Error 429 again and again then, you can switch to the ChatGPT Plus plan. You will get more request quotas, priority to access the chatbot in the pick time, the most advanced AI chatbot, and many more features. It will cost you only $20 per month. You can upgrade by going to your ChatGPT account and then clicking on the ”Upgrade to Plus”.

5. Use ChatGPT Alternatives

You can use other ChatGPT alternatives. There are so many alternatives that you can try that are even better than the ChatGPT. Such as Google Bard. It uses one of the most advanced AIs, PaLM 2. You can use Microsoft Bing chat. It will give you access to GPT-4. You can use them without any hourly 429 limit error as there are way fewer users using these platforms.

6. Contact Support

The OpenAI suggests you to wait for at least one hour. But, if you have waited for one hour but the issue with 429 is not solved, it’s time to contact them. Because the OpenAI server may have made a mistake to unblock your account or IP after one hour. To reach out to the support center, go to ChatGPT Help and then message them about this issue.

7. Do Not Exceed Maximum Number of Requests (Tips)

At the last but not least, we recommend you not exceed the request quota. This request quota will depend on your query type, frequency, response words, and on other things. You can read this article about ChatGPT Question Limit, where we have covered this topic in detail. It is usually 60 queries per hour. So, try to stay inside the maximum number of requests and you will be safe from any error.


Q. What is error code 429 in ChatGPT?

The error code 429 in ChatGPT is the API rate limit error. When a user exceeds the maximum number of requests per hour, the OpenAI shows this error.

Q. How do I fix Error 429?

You can fix the error 429 by checking the internet connection, by not exceding the limit, waiting for a moment, etc.

Q. Why is ChatGPT showing error?

ChatGPT can show you errors for many reasons such as server overload issues, server errors, cache and cookies issues, 429 errors, etc.


In conclusion, If you are having a ChatGPT Error 429, then you can easily solve it by waiting for a moment. There is other thing you can do such as checking and ensuring a speedy internet connection, Switching the device, Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus, and finally reaching out to the ChatGPT help center. 


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