Craiyon AI: How To Use, Pricing, Free Alternatives

Artificial Intelligence is making our daily working life easy to easier. Previously, when we needed to design an image, it would take hours to make a perfect-looking image. But, now with the help of AI Image Generators, we can do it by giving simply one simple prompt. Fast and Easy! One of these amazing AI image generators is Craiyon AI. Our today’s article is all about Craiyon AI.

Craiyon ai

Craiyon AI is a free AI image generator previously known as DALL-E mini. It is capable to create amazing images with just a single prompt. You can use the Craiyon AI by goign to the official website. Also, you can use the free alternatives of Craiyon AI such as Bing Image Creator, Starry AI, and Gencraft.

In this article, We are going to cover everything you need to know about Craiyon AI. From what is it to how to use it, everything will be here. So, if you find it interesting then, continue reading…

What Is Craiyon AI?

Craiyon AI
Image From - Craiyon AI

The Craiyon AI is a free AI image generator that can generate stunning images with just one prompt. You will just need to write what type of image you are looking for and the Craiyon will do the rest. You can also choose from four types of images such as Art, Drawing, Photo, etc.


The Craiyon AI was previously known as the DALL-E mini. You can create stunning images 9 times a month for free. But, if you want more than that, you will have to go for the premium options.


Craiyon AI is continuously improving its platform to give you more stunning images. With Craiyon AI you can also customize your images. All you need to do is click on upscale and that’s it. So, use the Craiyon AI and enjoy the free Artificial intelligence-powered images within a moment.

How To Use Craiyon AI?

For using Craiyon AI you can use it without signing up and with signing up. But, if you want to save your AI image generated images then, you should sign up to Craiyon AI and then use it. Let’s see how you can sign up and use Craiyon AI below:


  • Go to Craiyon AI.
  • Now, Click on Sign Up.
  • You can use your Google account or email to sign up.
  • Enter your email and password then click on Continue.
  • Now, a confirmation email willbe sent to your mail address.
  • Verify it.
  • Now, you will be able to log in using the email and password.

That’s it. After logging in to using Craiyon AI, give you an image prompt and click on Draw. And the AI will create stunning images that you have imagined. You can also edit and customize the images as you want!

Craiyon AI Pricing

If you want to swithc on the premium plans of Craiyon Ai  then, you will get the most stunning AI powered images ith more customization. Currantly, Craiyon AI has 3 plans.


The Supporter plan cost $6/mo. The professionalm plan cost $24/mo. And if you want to get the Customized plan. You will have to contact the Craiyon team for the pricing.

Craiyon AI Free Alternatives

If you want to use other AI-powered platforms than using the Craiyon AI then, you can also do it. Because there are a lot of options open for you. You can use mid-journey, DALL-E 2, or Jasper Art. But, these are not free. You will have to pay money for it.


But, if you want to use AI art generators for free then, there are also some alternatives. We have researched and picked up 3 of the best free AI art generators that you can use right now. Let’s have a look at these one by one:

1. Gencraft

Image From - Gencraft

We have picked Gencraft the the top of our list. Gencraft is a free-to-use Artificial Intelligence powered Art generator that can generate stunning images. It has also premium version as well. But, we recommend you use the free version as it will do the maximum of work.


For using Gencraft go to Then click on Log in/ Sign up. Now, you will have to use your Google account to log in. After logging in, you will be able to create AI Images by giving simple prompts.

2. Starry AI

Starry AI
Image From - Bing

Another great option that you can go to use AI art generators for free is Starry AI. It can create brilliant images using your prompts. And the best part is, it is free! But, there is also a paid version of it.


The models that Starry AI uses are one of the most powerful art generator models in the AI world. And the team is continuously working to make it more and more powerful.


For using Starry AI go to Then click on Create. Now, you will have to sign up using a Google or Apple account. After you sign up you can log in and use the platform for free.

3. Bing Image Creator

Image From - Bing

Last but not least, We have our very own Microsoft Bing on the list. Yes, Microsoft Bing! In Bing, there is a special feature called Bing Image Creator which allows you to create stunning images with the help of AI. Don’t take it lightly because the Bing Image Creator is powered by DALL-E 3!


For using Bing Image Creator go to Bing Creator. Then, you will have to log in using your Microsoft account. Simply click on Join and Create. then, give your Microsoft account’s mail and password and you will be logged in. After login in, you will be able to use the Bing Image Creator for free.


Q. Can I use DALL-E for free?

No, you can not use DALL-E for free. The trial option is currently unavailable so, you will have to purchase credit and then use it.

Q. What's the best AI image generator?

There are many AI image generators available. And the best AI image generation is Midjourney.

Q. Is there any free AI art generator?

Yes, there are many free AI art generators available such as Starry AI, Bing Image Creator, Gencraft, etc.


In conclusion, The Craiyon AI is a free AI image generator that can generate stunning images based on your prompts. You can easily use it by going to Craiyon AI. You will get 9 free prompts in every month. But, if you want to use the free alternatives of Craiyon AI then, you can use Starry AI, Bing Image Creator, and Gencraft AI image generator.


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