ChatGPT Plus May Get A Major Upgrade With Customizable ‘GPT Builder’ Tool

OpenAI ChatGPT is undoubtedly the most used AI chatbot so far. It has a lot of features that are helping its users a lot. Now, A new leak is saying that ChatGPT may release a GPT Builder that will be able to create and manage GPT chatbots!

ChatGPT Plus May Get A Major Upgrade With Customizable 'GPT Builder' Tool

As per a new leak, the ChatGPT Plus users may get a big update in their dashboard. The leak shows a GPT Builder. With the help of ‘GPT Buider’ a plus user can create and manage users’ own chatbots.

According to the leak, the ChatGPT Plus interface is showing the custom GPT creator. The new eye-catching feature is called the ”GPT Builder”. In the new dashboard, you will get a section called My GPT’s. 

In this section, you will get the option to create a GPT. By clicking on it, you can create your own GPT model. You can select the name, avatar description, instructions, etc. By doing to you can create the own version of your ChatGPT. This will help you to make the ChatGPT work exactly how you want it.

You can also select the capabilities of ChatGPT like web browsing, Image creation, code interpreter, etc. You can also upload a knowledge file if you want. So, one thing can be surely said that, the developers of AI are working hard to make the AI more advanced.

If the OpenAI ChatGPT brings this feature on, then this is going to be a cool one. This is also going to provide a more personal chatbot experience than ever before. Thought the concept of creating a customized chatbot is not new. The Janitor AI, Character AI, etc. platforms have already released the feature!

However, If you are a regular ChatGPT user then there is nothing much exciting about you. You will have to stick with the basic features only. But, you can move on to ChatGPT Plus by spending $20 per month!


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