7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives [October 2023]

Technology products are improving our daily life and making it easier to easier. Not just for working people but also for students technological products are becoming very handy. The HomeWorkify is a perfect example of that. It is a homework assistant tool that can help students with their studies. But, in this article, we will talk about the 7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives that work similarly as a Homework assistant!

Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

The Best HomeWorkify Alternatives are Hello AI, Mathly, Brainly, School AI, Tutorly and PhotoMath.

What Is HomeWorkify?

HomeWorkify Alternatives
HomeWorkify Alternatives

HomeWorkify is an AI-powered homework assistant platform designed and created to help students create homework. Not just homework, students can also learn from this platform. But, the main feature is to solve the problems and do homework.


To use this platform a student has to go to HomeWorkify and use it. This is a free-to-use tool. All a student needs to do is go to the website paste the link to the question and click search. Now, you will get the answer! Wasn’t this interesting?


This is a very handy tool for students. Without AI, this kind of platform is beyond imagination. So, Use the platform and get the help of AI to improve your learning skills. But, do you know that there are also other HomeWorkify Alternatives that you can use? Well, our next segment is all about that!

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives [August 2023]

After researching more than 20+ HomeWorkify Alternatives, we have picked these 7 best out of the best platforms that you can use instead of the HomeWorkify. Now, let’s have a look at these alternatives:

1. Hello AI

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

We have picked Hello AI as the first in our list of HomeWorkify Alternatives. You can use the Hello AI to improve your learning skill and as well as create your homework. It uses highly advanced Artificial Intelligence to produce the answers.


You can use the Hello AI both in the App Store and in the Play Store. To use the app simply go to the App Store or Play store, depending on your device, and search ”Hello AI”. Then, install the app. After installing you can use the app by signing up.

2. Mathly

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

The Mathly is a great AI-powered platform that can create amazing homework within a moment. This platform is specially created to solve the math problems. And the process of using this AI-driven platform is very easy.


To use Mathly you will have to go to the official website of Mathly. Then, you will get the option to upload a photo of math questions. After uploading the AI will start to solve the problem. Not just solving the problem Mathly also explains the solves!

3. Brainly

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives (6)

We have picked Brainly as the third on our list. It is also a powerful AI tool that can do the homework of a student. It is a completely free-to-use platform. The overall rating go f this platform is very good with 4.5 star rating.


With the help of Brainly, the users/students will be able to get the homework to be done in various subjects. Not just AI, with the help of Brainly, students can get the answers from the professional and teachers as well!

4. School AI

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

The SchoolAI is another great platform that uses an AI-powered engineer to do the homework. It works similarly to  HomeWorkify. It is more helpful to teachers than students. Because, by using this tool the teachers can do email-writing, marking, lesson planning, resource creation, and brainstorming.


To use this platform, a user needs to go to School AI official website and then click on get started for free. A user can also check out the free demo before using to better understand the platform. Once you sign up for the platfrom, you can use it without any toruble.

5. Tutorly

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

The Tutorly is another great platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to give proper homework to a student. It is an ideal HomeWorkify Alternative. The interface is very easy. A new user can easily navigate and use the platform as it is chat-based.


For using the platform, there process is very easy. You will have to go to the official website of Tutorly. Now, you will be able to ask, chat, write essay, create paragraph and all you need to do for your homework.

6. PhotoMath

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

The PhotoMath is another great alternative that you can use instead of using HomeWorkify. The platform has been rated 4+ stars which proves how much useful the platform is. Plus, as a user, you can use the app for both free and paid.


To use the platform, go to the official website of PhotoMath, and then you will get the QR code for downloading. Or, you can also directly download the app from your Apple App Store or Android Play Store. After installing the app on your device, sign up and begin to start the app.

7. AI Why

7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives

Last but not least, we have picked up the amazing AI platform called AI Why. It is a fully AI-driven Homework platform that can help you a lot to make your study more faster. You can use it by installing the app in you phone.


Unfortunately, the AI Why is only available to iOS devices. So, if you are using and iPhone or iPad, only then you can use the app. For, installing the APP go to the App store and search for AI Why. And install the App. After Installing the App, you can use it without any issues.


Q. How does Homeworkify work?

HomeWorkify works with highly capable Artificial Intelligence. It is a great platform for students to make homework more easily.

Q. Does Homeworkify work on Course Hero?

Yes, Homeworkify work on Course Hero. 

Q. Is Homeworkify safe to use?

Yes, HomeWorkify is a safe to use platform.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, There are many alternatives you can look for instead of using HomeWorkify. But, in our research, we have found these platforms as the 7 Best HomeWorkify Alternatives. Go ahead and check them out. And see how these platforms actually are!


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