Does ChatGPT Have a Character Limit?

ChatGPT is an amazing AI powered chatbot platform that can do a lot of your daily work tasks such as writing, creating codes, content planning, summarizing and so on. But, Have you even encountered a character limit while using this chatbot? Does ChatGPT have a character limit? In short, It have a character limit, but it’s hidden!

Does ChatGPT Have a Character Limit?

Yes, ChatGPT have a character limit of 2048 characters per response. The 2048 characters are equals to almost 500 words. If you command ChatGPT to write a article of 1000 words, it will not be able to do it at once!

Does ChatGPT Have a Character Limit?

ChatGPT Can Now Access the Internet for Real-Time Data

Yes, ChatGPT have a Character limit. However, ChatGPT does not accept that it has a character limit. But, in our research, we have found that it has a limit of 2048 characters. Meaning, if you ask anything from ChatGPT, it will only give your responses in less than 2048 characters.


If we convert 2048 characters into words then, it is almost 500 words. Though, it depends on the words’ length and complexity. You get it, right? But, most of the users ask queries to ChatGPT that can be answered in less than 500 words. This is a standard answer length.


But, if you want to create something from ChatGPT like creating an article or writing a presentation then, it might be a problem for you. In this case, you can break down the topic and give ChatGPT specific prompts.

Why ChatGPT Have Character Limit?

The ChatGPT is a highly demanding chatbot that has more than a billion visits per month. This is a huge amount of traffic. To deal with this traffic, the OpenAI has to limit some functionalities of ChatGPT.


The character limit is a part of their limits. There are other limits as well such as question limit, login limit, account limit, etc. These limits help ChatGPT to stay open for everyone.


Because, if they don’t put on limits, all the users will not get qual service from ChatGPT. But, if you want to get rid of these limits then, you can choose their paid plan which has less limits and more features!

How To Bypass ChatGPT Character Limit?

If you are getting this limit issue every time you ask something big from ChatGPT then, this section is for you. You can easily bypass the ChatGPT character limit by breaking down your prompt. This is the most effective way to get unlimited characters!


For example, If you are about to write an article about ”What is AI?” then, you should make an outline of this article. Then, you should tell ChatGPT to write a topic from the outline like an Introduction, What is AI, How AI works, etc. Once finished, give another topic from the outline.


This is how you will get the full, in-depth response from ChatGPT without any character limit. There is no other way to bypass it, right now. Even if you command ChatGPT to give you a certain wordy response, it will not follow your command!


Q. Does ChatGPT-4 still have a limit?

Yes, ChatGPT-4 still has a limit. You can ask 50 questionsns per hour from ChatGPT. You can not get response for ChatGPT-4 more that 2400o characters. However, the limits are very less compared to ChatGPT 3.5.

Q. Can GPT-4 chat more than 25 messages?

Yes, ChatGPT 4 can chat more than 25 messages. In fact, you can ask ChatGPT 50 question in 3 hours. That’s the limit.

Q. Is GPT-4 still limited?

Now, GPT-4 is not limited. In a recent update, the GPT-4 has got access to the internet for real-time data. Previously, it was stuck on data till 2021.


In conclusion, If you are wondering Does ChatGPT have a character limit then, the answer is Yes, it has. This chatbot can give you responses maximum of 2048 characters per response. If you want to bypass it then, you should break down your prompt. Or, you can purchase the ChatGPT Plus plan for more character limit.


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