How To Get Janitor AI Free API Key & OpenAI Reverse Proxy?

API keys are great if you want to Integrate any feature into your platform, apps, or software. Are you looking for Janitor AI Free API Key and OpenAI reverse Proxy? Then this article is for you.

Get Janitor AI Free API Key & OpenAI Reverse Proxy
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For getting Janitor AI API key you need to go to the Discord Server of PawnOsman and go to the #Bot channel. For getting OpenAI reverse proxy you should go to Pawn discord and obtain it.

In this article, we are going to look at what are Free API and reverse Proxy. And also going to look at ”How To Get Janitor AI Free API Key & OpenAI Reverse Proxy?” So, without any further do, let’s proceed!

What Is Janitor Ai Free API Key?

An API key is a unique identifier for a platform that can be used to connect and integrate to another platform. It means, that if you want to have the functionality of Janitor AI on your own platform then, you need to have an API key for Janitor AI. But, it is not free to get. Below, we will see how you can obtain the free API key of Janitor AI.

What Is OpenAI Reverse Proxy?

Free API keys and Reverse proxies are similar in terms of definition. These both work for integrating any functionality of another platform into another platform. So, In OpenAI, if we want to add the functionality of OpenAI to another platform we must need a Reverse Proxy.

Warning Before Using Free API & Reverse Proxy

But before using the free Janitor AI API keys and OpenAI Reverse Proxy we want to warn you that, these keys are not official, so they can harm your platform. We recommend you use them in your staging platform first and if everything goes right then use it in the actual platfrom.

How To Get Janitor Ai Reverse Proxy

To get Janitor AI reverse proxy just follow these simple steps:


  • Go to PawnOsman API in Github.
  • Go to the Discord Link on there.
  • Join the Discord Server.
  • After approval, go to the #Bot section.
  • Then, search ”/key” and you will get the Free API key.

How To Get OpenAI Reverse Proxy?

To get OpenAI Reverse Proxy follow these steps below: 


  • Go to the Discord Server of Pawan and join the server.
  • Then, go to the #Bot section and search for /key.
  • You will now get your keys.
  • Now, go to OpenAI API settings and paste the API key.
  • Paste this, ”” at the OpenAI Reverse Proxy Option.
  • Now, save it and you are ready to go.


Q. What is an API key example?

An example of an API key is shdgKDHRshfnc8mVLWwsAawjYr4Rx-hdKDHRIaksD

Q. What API means?

API stands for Application Programming Interface (API).

Q. Is API key free?

No, API keys are not free. You will have to pay credits like somehow around 0.0002$ for a word. But, there are some other ways you can use to get free API keys.


In conclusion, getting Janitor AI API keys and OpenAI Reverse proxy is very easy. You can get it by going to the PawnOsman Discord channel. But, we want to warn you again before using it as it can be harmful to your platform.


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