Adobe Firefly AI: What Is It, Features, How to Use & Pricing

Products from Artificial Intelligence are making our daily life’s tasks easier. Previously we have seen ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, etc AI to do that. Now, Adobe has also joined the race with Adobe Firefly AI. Adobe Firefly AI is a generative AI platform with many features!

Adobe Firefly AI

Adobe Firefly AI is an AI-powered platform that can generate stunning images from text, create 3D images, Add text effects, etc. You can use it for free of cost by going to it’s official website

In this detailed article about Adobe Firefly AI, we will talk about everything you need to know about this, from what is it to how to use it. So, without any further do, let’s get started!

What is Adobe Firefly AI?

Adobe Firefly AI

The Adobe Firefly AI is an AI generative platform that can create images with text prompts. It is the new rockstar in the AI art generation sector. With powerful AI, this tool can create stunning AI art in no time.


If you are an artist then, this is a real gem for you. You can use it, get inspiration, sharpen your creative mind, and make a pure masterpiece with the help of this AI platform. All it takes is just one simple text prompt!


Currently, there are two versions of Firefly. Firefly and Firefly 2 Beta. You can access both in your Firefly dashboard. The Firefly 2 is much better than the previous version. However, the Firefly 2 is still in beta mode.

Adobe Firefly AI Key Features

Adobe Firefly AI

The Adobe Firefly is packed with os many eye-catching features sech as Generative fill, Text effects, 3D to image, etc. Below, we have shown you top 5 best features of Adobe Firefly AI.

1. Text To Image

The main feature of Adobe Firefly AI is it can generate excellent images with only text commands. It can generate stunning images in any style as users want. You can create cartoon images, realistic images, aesthetic images, and other styles ad many times as you want.

2. Generative Fill

The Generative fill is another great feature of Adobe Firelly AI. Let me explain what is it. The Generative fill feature is an option of this platform that can remove an object from your image and replace it with another object that you want.

3. Text Effects

The Text Effect is another eye-catching feature of Adobe friefly AI. It can give a style to your text. Suppose, you want to style the text ”Beautiful” in Pizza style. You can do it. Just go Text Effects section.

4. 3D To Image

The 3D to-image feature is an upcoming feature of Adobe Firefly AI. It will be able to create images from 3D. You can control the images by using tet prompts. We expect to see this feature within a short time.

5. Generative Recolor

By using this feature, you can create variations of images. This is interesting because this feature will give you the functionality to make images colorful. To try this feature, go to Generative recolor on Adobe Firefly AI.

How To Use Adobe Firefly AI?

You can use the Adobe Firefly AI by simply signing up to your Adobe account. If you don’t have an account, you will have to create one first and then, use it. Follow the steps shown below to get started:


  • Go to Adobe Firefly AI.
  • Click on ”Sign in”.
  • If you have an Adobe account, sign in or click on ”Create an account”.
  • Now, use your email and password.
  • You can also use your Google, Facebook, or Apple ID to sign up.
  • After that, You will be redirected to your Firefly account.

That’s it! Now, you can use the Adobe Firefly AI to generate excellent images through prompts. Remember, the more creative your prompts, the more beautiful the results will be.

Adobe Firefly AI Pricing

The Adobe Firefly AI is completely free. You do not need to spend any dollars for that. There are no paid plans on this platform as well. So, You can try this AI platform without no looking at your money bag!


If you want to use other AI art generator platforms then you can look at Bing Image Creator, Gencraft, Craiyon AI, Midjourney, Etc. Here, the Bing Image Creator, Craiyon AI is completely free of cost.


Q. Is Adobe Firefly free to use?

Yes, The Adobe Firefly AI is free to use. Go to firefly. and log in using your Adobe account to use it.

Q. Is Adobe Firefly still available?

Yes, Adobe Firefly is available. In fact, it is integrated with other Adobe products such as Illustrator, Creative Cloud, Photoshop, etc.

Q. How do I get Adobe Firefly AI?

You can get the Adobe Firefly AI by using the official website of Firefly ( Sign in or Sign up to Adobe and you will get the access to use Adobe Firefly AI.


In conclusion, Adobe Firefly AI is an AI-powered platform that can generate stunning images from text, create 3D images, can add text effects, etc. All of these can be controlled by simple text commands. You can use this for free by going to


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