ChatGPT 4 Release Date: What’s New and How to Get Started

The OpenAI ChatGPT is one of the most powerful and popular Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots right now. It released its latest model ChatGPT 4, in March. In this article, we will know what are the new features of ChatGPT 4 along with its release date.

ChatGPT 4 Release Date

The ChatGPT 4 Release date is March 14, 2023. With the new version of ChatGPT, users will get improved results, more parameters, more creative answers, and so on additional features!

ChatGPT 4 Release Date

ChatGPT Can Now Access the Internet for Real-Time Data

The ChatGPT 4 Release date is March 14, 2023. Previously, the ChatGPT 3.5 was launched in November 2022. After its launch, the OpenAI has seen a fantastic growth in their platform. Now, almost a Billion users visit their chatbot in every month.


The ChatGPT 4 is basically powered up by the GPT 4 architecture. it is the most powerful AI LLM developed by the OpenAI team so far. The OpenAI team has kept this LLM only for ChatGPT Plus users.


You can use it by purchasing the Plus plan of ChatGPT by spending only $20 per month. It is worth spending the money, especially if you are looking to automate your work. Now, let’s see what’s new with the ChatGPT 4.

What's New in ChatGPT 4

There are many new things that arrived with the ChatGPT 4. We have reseach and tried it on own own and found these 5 new features that are most important. Let’s have a look at them below:

1. Improved Accuracy

ChatGPT 4 is more accurate than ChatGPT 3.5. It can now understand our queries more deeply. Thanks to its new GPT 4 artitecture. This architecture has more databases than the previous one which results to be more accurate.

2. More Parameters

There is a rumor that the ChatGPT 4 has got almost 1.76 Billion parameters. This is huge. This is the same number as human neurons in the brain. The more parameter the more power. The ChatGPT 4 comes with this many parameters, which is absolutely crazy!

3. Improved Creativity

The ChatGPT 4 is now with more creativity. If you compare the ChatGPT basic version along with the ChatGPT 4, you can easily see the difference between the creativity. It is one step ahead of the previous one. Thought, the OpenAI team is continuously trying to make this platform more creative.

4. Supports Multiple Languages

the ChatGPT now can support multiple languages. Yes, it could do the same with the previous model as well. But, with the new ChatGPT, it is more accurate. You can now generate responses with more accurate translations.

5. Can Crawl Internet for Real-time Data

Recently, OpenAI has announced that it can crawl the internet for real-time data. But, in the previous models, this feature was limited to 2021. This is a big jump on this chatbot. You can read the detailed article about ChatGPT 4 Internet Access here.

ChatGPT 4 Pricing

ChatGPT Pricing

To use the ChatGPT 4 you will have to purchase the ChatGPT Plus plan from ChatGPT. To do that, Log in to your account > click on ”Upgrade to Plus” > Then, Upgrade. Now, let’s see the pricing of ChatGPT 4.


There are only two pricing plans for ChatGPT 4. These are ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprice. The ChatGPT Plus costs only $20/month. The ChatGPT Enterprise price will depend on the business size and API usage. In this case, you will have to contact them and give your company’s details to get the customized plan.

How to use ChatGPT 4 For Free?

Bing Chat

Surprisingly, you can access ChatGPT 4 for free by using Microsoft Bing Chat. Yes, you heard it right. The Microsoft Bing has integrated the Bing Chat which is powered by ChatGPT 4.


To use the ChatGPT 4 for free, go to After that, you will see a Chat option at the top corner. Click on it. This is your ChatGPT 4 chatbot for free. You can do whatever you want with the chatbot.


Q. When ChatGPT 4 will be released?

The ChatGPT 4 was already released on March 14, 2023. You can use it by upgrading your ChatGPT to ChatGPT Plus.

Q. Will ChatGPT 4 be free?

No, As far as we know, the ChatGPT 4 will not be free. It will stay as a premium feature of OpenAI until another upgrader version of GPT comes. However, You can still use ChatGPT 4 for free by using Bing chat.

Q. Is ChatGPT 4 up to 2023?

Yes, ChatGPT 4 is up to 2023. It’s already launched in Match 14, 2023. You can use it by upgrading to ChatGPT Plus.


In conclusion, If you are wondering about the ChatGPT 4 release date then, good news for you! The ChatGPT 4 is already released on March 14, 2023. You can use it by upgrading the ChatGPT to ChatGPT Plus which costs only $20/month.


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