[Solved] Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone!

Copy and Paste is probably one of the most useful features that every tech user uses frequently. There is no dought about it’s usefulness. But, what if this necessary feature does not work? This happened with some of the iPhone users recently as they have reported that Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone! But, do not worry about it! We have some solutions!

Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone

For fixing Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone issue you should Update the iPhone, Disable hand off mode, Reboot the iPhone and Double-tap at the text to copy a text.

In this article, I will tell you exactly what are the reasons for copy and paste not working and I will also show you some of the most effective fixes to solve the issue. So, if you want to get out of this trouble, consider reading this article!

Why Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone?

As per recent research, The GFT team has found that there are 3 most common reasons for this issue. These issues are not so big and obviously solvable. Let’s have a look at these reasons:

1. For Software Glitches

The issue of not copying and pasting text is mainly occurring due to software glitches. This can be the glitch of iOS as well as the app you are using to copy and paste. 

2. For Hand-off Mode

If your iPhone has hand-off mode enabled then the copy and pasting will not work. This is a common feature that an iPhone has. The hand-off mode may turned on without your consent, so consider checking it.

3. The Content Is Not Copyable

If you are trying to copy content that is not copyable then, you will not be able to copy and paste it. Or, if you want to copy from a website, the website may have content protection enabled which will not give you any chance to copy any content.


Apart from these, there can be other reasons such as rebooting issues, temporary function errors, etc. that might cause this problem.

Fix Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone!

Now, we have to know what are the reasons for copy and paste not working on iPhones. Let’s have a look at what are the fixes for this issue. These are the most effective fixes you can use. Let’s check them out:

1. Update The iPhone

The issue may be occurring due to a software glitch, as we said earlier in this article. So, until the glitch is gone, you will not be able to fix this problem. To fix the glitch, you should update the iOS. For updating iOS go to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is no update available then, wait until a new update comes. You should also update the apps that are not copying and pasting.

2. Disable Hand Off

You should disable the hand-off mode. This fix is recommended by Apple support. For disabling hand-off Go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff. Now, log out from iCloud. Then, restart the iPhone and log in to iCloud. This issue of copy & paste may fix now.

3. Reboot The iPhone

The issue of copy and paste can be fixed by giving your iPhone a simple restart. Because, if the device is not booted perfectly then, it may have difficulty functioning. In this case, the copy-and-paste feature will not work. So, reboot and see if it has fixed the issue.

4. Double Tap At The Text

Use Double Tap to copy a text. Yes, simply go to a page where you want to copy text. Double Tap in a text and it will be selected. Now, simply copy and paste.

5. Re-install The App That Is Not Copying

You can also try re-installing the app that is not letting you copy and paste. un-Install the app first then go to the App Store and install it again. This will fix any of the app installation errors.


Q. Why can't I copy and paste on my phone?

You may not be able to copy and paste on your phone because of a few things such as software glitches, the content is not copyable, app issues, etc.

Q. How do I enable copy and paste on my iPhone?

To copy and paste a text in your iPhone simply press and hold a text that you want to copy. You can also double-tap the text. Now, you will get the popup to copy the text. For pasting, press and hold in an empty place on notes and then paste.

Q. Why isn't my copy and pasting working?

The copy and pasting is not working mainly due to software glitches. But, there can be other reasons such as content is protected issues, hand-off of more enabled issues, rebooting issues, etc.


In conclusion, If Copy Paste Not Working On iPhone then, there is nothing to worry about. You can solve the issue easily by following the fixes that I have shown you above. After fixing the issue, simply double-tap or long-press a text, it will be copied!


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