7 Fixes For Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue!

Using Toshiba Fire TV gives users a great experience. But, Like any other tech gadget, it can also cause errors. One of the most common issues users face about Toshiba is its TV Remote Not Working Issue. If you are also facing the ”Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working” issue then, this article is going to help you for solving the error!

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working
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For Fixing Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue you should Chage the batteries, Check remote’s sensor, Update the Toshiba Smart TV software, Unpair & re-pair remote, Reset the TV, Replace the remote and if none of these works you should contact the support center.

In this complete article, I am going to show you the reasons for this issue. This will clear the idea about the issue which eventually will help you to prevent the fixes. And then, I will show you the 7 most effective and realistic fixed to solve the issue. So, without any further do, let’s dive in!

Why Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue Occurs?

The Toshiba Fire TV Remote may not work for several reasons. But, in our research we have found out these 4 main reasons behind it. Let’s have a look at these.

1. For Dead Batteries

Dead Batteries are the biggest reason behind this issue. The reason is simple, if the batteries are dead, how will the remote work, right?

2. For Software Glitches

Sometimes, software glitches can also cause this error. If the TV’s software gets any type of network glitch then it will cause the TV Remote not to work.

3. For Hardware Glitches

If the hardware of your TV gets effected or get’s any hardware glitches related to the remote, then it will surely cause this problem.

4. For Infrared Sensor Issues

We know a TV’s remote works by infrared sensors. So, if the infrared sensors get damaged it will cause the TV remote to not work.

7 Ways To Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Issue

Now, we already know what are the possible reasons behind this issue. Let’s jump right inside the 7 most effective fixes for this issue. But, we have a bonus fix at the end, so stay tuned!

1. Change The Batteries

As we already know, this issue is normally caused because of dead batteries. So, Changing the batteries is the simple and straightforward way to fix this issue. So, change them and try again to see if it has fixes the issue or not.

2. Check The Remote's Sensor

The Remote sensor which is also called an IR sensor is a very important part of a remote. Because, the input you give from the remote to tv, it caught by the TV only by the IR Sensor.


Make sure that, there is no obstacle between the TV and the Remote. Because it can hamper the work of the IR sensor. You can also try to clean it and retry. If it does not fixes the issue, then the IR sensor may be damaged.

3. Update The Toshiba Smart TV Software

Sometimes, this issue also can happen for software glitches. So, in this case, you should update the app. For updating the software go to the settings option then, Device & Software, and then, Check for System Update. If any update is available it will show there. Simply update it and retry.

4. Re-Paire The TV Remote

Unparing and then re-pairing the remote can help you solve this issue. For upairing the remote press the home button for about 10 seconds. Now, the remote will be unpaired from the TV.


Now, shut down the TV by plugging off the power source and wait a bit. Then turn on the TV again. Next, press and hold the home button for another 10 seconds. This will again re-pair the remote. Check if it has fixes or not.

5. Reset The TV

Resetting the TV can be also a great option to fix any type of unwanted issues like this. To factory reset the TV follow the steps shown in the YouTube video.

6. Replace The Remote

Now, you have done all the possible fixed that you could have done. And if none of these works then you should by another remote. That’s the Option left to you.

7. Contact Support

If you have bought another TV remote but still the issue is occurring then, you should contact the support team of Toshiba TV. To contact support of Toshiba go to the Support Page. Contact them with your problem and they will look after this issue.

Bonus: Use The Fire TV App

In the bonus tips: You can use the Amazon Fire TV app. You can get the app both in the Play Store and the App Store. Download it and use it instead of the Physical remote!


Q. Why did my Toshiba Fire TV remote stop working?

The Toshiba Fire TV remote may stop working for Dead Batteries. But there can be other reasons such as sensor issues, pairing issues, app glitches, etc.

Q. How do you reset a Toshiba Fire TV remote?

For Resetting a Toshiba Fire TV remote Press and hold the Left button, Menu button, and Back button at the same time. Hold them for 12 seconds and the Remote will be reset.

Q. Why is my Fire TV not responding to the remote?

Your Fire TV may not be responding to the remote can because of sensor issues, battery dead issues, software issues, or pairing issues.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, The Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working issue can cause for many reasons. But, you do not need to worry about it. If you just follow the fixes that we have provided you then, the issue will be fixed easily. And then, You will be able to use the remote again!


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