Interior AI: Features, Pricing, and How It Works

Have you ever dreamed of designing your home on your own? Maybe you did but, could not do it because of a lack of idea in interior design! Well, not anymore. Because Interior AI is here for you. It is an AI-powered platform that can give you great visual ideas for designing your home!

Interior AI: Features, Pricing, and How It Works

Interios AI is an AI powered platform that can generate amzing ideas to design a room. It is fully powered by Artificial Intelligence. You can use this platform by going to

In this article, We will talk about the new AI platform that specializes in Interior design, the Interior AI. From what is it to how to use it. From its features to its pricing, everything will be covered in this article. So, without any further do, let’s proceed!

What is Interior AI?

Interior AI

The Interior AI is an AI-powered platform that can design your room within a minute. It is the first Artificial Intelligence powered interior designing system in the world. All you need to do is take a picture of your room and upload it on the platform.


However, you will have to get a paid plan before you can get started. You can use it fully on your way. You can set the tone, set the room type, set the mood, etc. You can also change the style again and again until you are satisfied!


By using this AI platform you will be able to save a lot of time as you are designing rooms on your own. You will get the designs exactly how you want them to be. You can also customize the interior how you want. It is a complete AI Interior designing platform that you will love to use!

How To Use Interior AI?

Interior AI

To use the Interior AI, you will have to sign up. Without signing up, you will not be able to use it. Let’s see how you can use the Interior AI below:


  • Go to Interior AI.
  • Then, on the left side, you will see a box. Enter your email address here and click on Start using.
  • A mail will be sent from Interior AI. Click on the link in the mail. 
  • You will now redirected to the pricing page.
  • Now, choose any plan. Either monthly or yearly.
  • After selecting a plan, buy it.
  • After buying, you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  • Now, drag and drop your room picture. Select room type and prompt.
  • Hit render new ideas.

That’s it! You now will get your interior designs in your hand. You can customize them as you like.

Interior AI Features

There are a lot of features that Interior AI offers. Those features are actually really great and helpful. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Interior AI.

1. Great Planning

The Interior AI will give you excellent Interior planning. You will be surprised to see the examples. You can also have a look at previously rendered room design ideas by going to Interior AI.

2. Fast Response

Interior AI gives you a super-fast designing experience. You will get really fast speed responses because it uses Special GPUs to power up its AI system. As a premium member, you will get fast responses.

3. Easy to use

The Interior AI is easy to use. If you are using it for the first time, there will be no issue for you to use it. All it needs to sign up is an email address. After signing up, you will have to give your room’s picture. And the rest is up to the AI!

4. Fully Customizable

You will get a fully customizable experience. You can change every single portion of your interior design. You can change the mood, colors, patterns, etc. All is under your control. Until you are satisfied, you can keep changing the designs.

5. Premium Looks

As a premium member, you will get premium features. You will get premium quality designs, premium damo interiors, and all. But, there is no option that you can use for free. So, to use it you have only one option left, go for paid!

Interior AI Pricing

Interior AI Pricing

If you want to use the Interior AI then, you will have to go with one of their premium plans. Currently, there are two plans Monthly Pro and Yearly Pro.


If you want to get the Monthly Pro Plan then it will cost you $29/month. You will get unlimited render, faster render, and other features. If you want to get the Yearly Pro Plan then, it will cost you $290/year. You can see the detailed pricing plan Here.


Q. Is there an AI for interior design?

Yes, there is an AI for Interior Design called Interior AI. It is an AI-powered platform that can generate amazing interior design ideas within a moment.

Q. Is there a free interior AI?

Yes, there is a free interior AI. AI Room Planner is a free interior AI. You can use it for free as much as your want.

Q. Can I use AI to design my room?

Yes, You can use AI to design your room. You can use Interior AI, AI Room Planner, etc to design your room which is powered by Artificial Intelligence.


In conclusion, The Interior AI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform that can create stunning designs of room decoration in minutes. You can use it by going to You will get full control over the designs meaning, the designs that you will create are truly yours!


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