YouTube Summary With ChatGPT: Here is How to Use It

Nowadays, Time is the most important and precious thing. And we are lacking out of it. That’s why apps and platforms like ChatGPT, which helps us do tasks by saving time, are getting so much demand among us. Watching a YouTube video can be lengthy. But, what if you get a way to summarize videos within a moment? ‘YouTube Summary With ChatGPT‘ is exactly this, a summary creator.

YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

In this article, We are going to explain everything about this extension. How you can install and use it, and what are the benefits as well? We hope by reading this article, you are going to get benefits from it. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to it!

What is Summary?

A summary is basically the core of anything. Let’s assume that, someone made a  YouTube video of 10 minutes about how to open a Gmail Account. So, the main summary of this video is the steps to create Gmail Account. The same goes for articles, poems, essays, and compositions.

What is YouTube Summary With ChatGPT?

‘YouTube Summary With ChatGPT’ is a google chrome Extension with over 6 lacks plus users. This lets you find the core or summary of a YouTube video. So, if you are willing to understand a is the main theme of a video is, then you do not need to watch the full-length video of 5-10 minutes. Instead of it you can use this extension and get the summary. This can save your tons of time.

How to Use YouTube Summary With ChatGPT?

You can be easily add this Chrome Extension to your device. Then you will have use this. Let’s see how you can add this to chrome first:


Adding to Chrome:

  • Go to Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Then Search ”YouTube Summary with ChatGPT” or go to this Directly.
  • You will get to the extension made by
  • Click to add to Chrome.
  • Now, this extension will be successfully installed.

Using the Plugin:

  • After adding to Chrome go to the ChatGPT.
  • Then click on YouTube Summary.
  • Then, You will have to put the link of YouTube video you are willing to summarize.
  • Then, Generate.
  • That’s it. Now, you will get the summary of that YouTube Video within a moment.

You can also watch this video to understand this extension better.

Benefits of Using This Plugin

There are a lot of benefits of this Chrome extension. You can use it for saving time. That is the most important point. Then you can also use it to understand a video topic better, for doing research, etc. Below, We have elaborated on this.

1. Saving Time

As we said earlier, Saving time is the biggest reason for apps and platforms like ChatGPT. This extension is also doin’ that. You can make summaries of a YouTube video within a moment by using this. You will not have to watch a 10-30 minute long video anymore.

2. Helping For Research

If you are in research about a topic that requires you to watch videos then you will not be needed to watch them anymore. You will be able to extract the core of videos by using this extension easily. Almost 600000+ users are using this for a reason, of course.

3. For Taking Notes

If you are watching a video for learning or educational purposes then, you may need to take notes or write something as notes. With the help of this extension, you no longer need to make notes by yourself. You can make a summary of that video and make notes automatically and instantly.


Q. Is the ChatGPT extension for YouTube summary?

Yes, there is a google chrome extension for YouTube Summary. And that is, ‘YouTube Summary With ChatGPT‘. This extension can summarize any YouTube video within a moment.

Q. How do you add summary to YouTube with ChatGPT?

You can add Summary to YouTube With ChatGPT by goign to the Google Chrome Web Store or this link of this extension> Click on Add to Chrome.

Q. Can I use ChatGPT for YouTube?

Yes, You Can. You can use ChatGPT for YouTube for different purposes. You can use ChatGPT for generating youtube name ideas, creating YouTube video scripts, creating thumbnail ideas, or for Summarizing YouTube Videos, etc.


In conclusion, ‘YouTube Summary With ChatGPT‘ is a very important Chrome extension as it saves time. You can use it for saving time, doing research, and taking notes easily by summarizing a full-length video within a moment.

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