Why Is ChatGPT Slow? Here’s What You Can Do!

Recently, some of the ChatGPT users have complained that the speed of ChatGPT is slowed down. But, Why is ChatGPT Slow? Well, we have done the research for you and in this article, we will talk about the reasons for the ChatGPT Slow issue. Along with that, We will show you what you need to do to fix the ChatGPT slow-down issue!

Why Is ChatGPT Slow

ChatGPT can be slowed down because of Poor Internet connection, Server high demand, VPN connection, etc. In this case, to make ChatGPT fast again, you should try fixes like using a strong Internet connection, checking server Status, disabling VPN, Giving clear prompt, Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, etc.

Why Is ChatGPT Slow?

The ChatGPT can be slow for many reasons. In our research, we have found these 5 reasons that mostly occur the ChatGPT slow down issue.

1. Poor Internet Connection

The poor internet connection is one of the biggest reasons why ChatGPT slows down. Because ChatGPT has to continuously connect and send data with its server. And, if the connection is not well enough, it will delay the transfer of data. Hence, the speed of ChatGPT will be slowed down.

2. Sever High Demand

ChatGPT is a very popular chatbot platform with billions of visits per month. This amount is insane. And, there are some certain times, when the server stays in too much load. At this time, the server does a little bit of delay to produce a response. This is intentionally done by OpenAI to give service to everyone at the pick hours. The pick hours of ChatGPT are usually between 7 AM and 12 AM.

3. VPN Issues

VPNs are relly good if you are trying to access the ChatGPT from a location where it is not supported. But, in the mean time, it slows down the chatbot. This happens most of the time especially, if you are using a free VPN. 

4. Because of Basic Plan

The Basic Plan of ChatGPT is a bit slower than the ChatGPT Plus. This is because there is so much pressure on the free version of this chatbot. Everyone i using it. But, in the meantime, the Plus version of ChatGPT is way faster and most of the time stays fast enough.

5. Complex Queries

If you are giving ChatGPT complex questions or queries which take a lot of processing, memory, and other resources then, this may slow down the ChatGPT. But, on the other hand, if you ask short questions, it will answer within a flash!

Effective Fixes For ChatGPT Slow Issue

Now, we already know what are the reasons behind the ChatGPT slow-down issue. Now, let’s have a look at the effective fixes on what you can exactly do in this situation to make the ChatGPT super-fast again!

1. Use Srong Internet Connection

The first thing first. You will have to use a strong internet connection. Because, if the connection between your device and the OpenAI’s database is not strong enough, it will always remain slow.


So, go ahead and check your internet connection. You can use fast.com to check internet speed. If you find out that your internet speed is not good enough, fix it and retry!

2. Check Server Status

there are rare times when the ChatGP’s server goes down. This can happen for server maintenance, server glitches, server errors, etc. If the server is down, you may not get the responses from ChatGPT at the speed you expect. Even, you may not be able to enter your dashboard at this time.


To check the ChatGPT server status, go to ChatGPT Server Status and check it. If you find out that, the server is down, wait for a moment. The server issues are usually fixed between 30-90 minutes. After the server is up, try again to use the ChatGPT. It may have regained its speed like before.

3. Disable VPN

As we have said earlier, a VPN can become a big reason to slow down the performance and the speed of ChatGPT. This is why you should disable the VPN. After disabling the VPN, you should try again to use the ChatGPT. It should be faster now!

4. Give Clear Prompts

When you are giving prompts to ChatGPT, you should be aware of the prompt style. Look friend, the ChatGPT is very impressive in generating responses but not the best version of it. It is still under the development process. So, if you give complex propts then, it will take a lot of time. As a result, it will slow down.

5. Wait Between Answers

When you are getting responses, you should wait between these responses. Do not ask question after question. Give it a breathing space. Otherwise, the response speed will be slowed down. In face, the OpenAI authority may give you restrictions from asking any new queries.

6. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

If you are getting annoyed about the ChatGPT speed issues again and again then, it is a great idea to go and purchase the theChatGPT Plus plan. Though, it is not 100% sure that you will get the fastest speed every time. But, the speed will be much better than the normal version. It will cost you only $20/mo.

7. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

You should clear your browser’s cache and cookies in order to get rid of the ChatGPT’s slow speed issues. Because your browser’s cookies may be interrupting the connection between your device and the OpenAI’s database. To clear your browser’s cache and cookies follow these official articles for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

8. Avoid using in Peak Load times

Another fix that you can try is, by not using the ChatGPT in the time of pick hours. This is true that, not every time you can do it. But, if you can stay away from using ChatGPT at the time of pick hours, you will be able to get the speedy version of it at the time of less-peak hours. The peak hours of ChatGPT are usually between 7 AM to 12 AM.

9. Start a New Chat

You can solve this issue with one simple strep. By just starting a new chat. Yes, you heard it right, just by starting a new chat. This is so underrated fix that no one talks about. But, this actually works almost every time. Do not delete the previous chat. Instead, start a new chat.

10. Contact the Support

At last but not the least, you should contact the support team of ChatGPT. Make sure that, you have done all of these fixes and if any of these do not work, only then you should go to the support center. To contact support, go to OpenAI Help. You will see a chat bar pop up in the bottom right corner after a few seconds. Tell them about the fixes that you have done.


Q. How do I make ChatGPT run faster?

You can make ChatGPT run faster by disabling VPN, Ensuring a Strong Internet connection, by giving clear prompts, etc.

Q. Why is ChatGPT 4 slow?

The ChatGPT 4 may be slow because of high server load, VPN issues, server errors, etc.

Q. Is ChatGPT becoming worse?

No, ChatGPT is not becoming worse. In fact, it has become stronger after the arrival of GPT-4. You can use the ChatGPT 4 for free by using Bing Chat.


In conclusion, If you are wondering Why is ChatGPT Slow? Then, there are a few reasons for it. We have mentioned it above. Plus, in this article, We have also shown you what you can do to make this amazing chatbot run at the speed of a horse!


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