Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number? Explained!

Chat GPT is an AI-powered Chatbot that can generate human-like responses quickly. This chatbot is now everywhere in every Ai Fan’s mind. There is a huge probability that you are also a user of this impressive AI Chatbot. But did you notice that ChatGPT requires a phone number when signing up? Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number?

Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number

Using a phone number while signing up to Chat GPT is not an optional option; it is required. Where many other alternatives allow users to use chatbots without signing up, ChatGPT requires signing up with a must-have phone number. This is why many people are curious about why does ChatGPT need phone number.

ChatGPT needs a phone number at the time of creating an account for the purpose of security. By giving your phone number, you verify that you are a real human. This helps OpenAi to filter out any kind of bot traffic from signing up which eventually helps to keep ChatGPT safe and secured from any possible risk.

In this article, we are going to go through every doubt in your mind related to submitting a Phone number for ChatGPT verification. We will understand why it is required, what the advantages are, and finally, how you can use it without giving a phone number. So, if you find it interesting, then stick with this post!

Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number?

Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number

ChatGPT, a product from OpenAI, is committed to keeping the platform completely secured for its users. So, For security purposes, ChatGPT does need a phone number at the time of creating an account.


In this post from Help.OpenAi.Com, it is clear that there is no way you can use ChatGPT without Phone number verification. But why are they so strict about it? The main reason they are so strict about this is to prevent bots from creating accounts and keep the platform safe.


On the other hand, If no phone number were needed, then we could have created multiple accounts per user. This could have put much more load on OpenAI’s server than it has now. This is another reason. But, the main reason is ”Security”.

Advantages of Using Phone Number For ChatGPT

There are so many advantages if you use a phone number for creating an account in ChatGPT. We know two-step verifications as an extra layer of security. By giving your phone number, you are exactly doing that. This is how you are keeping your account secured. Because if someone else is trying to log on to your account, they will not be able to log in.


On the other side, if you lost your password to ChatGPT, you can use your phone number as a recovery method. Yes, you can still use your email for recovery as well.


Some countries have blocked their users from using ChatGPT. ChatGPT doesn’t want them to create an account. ChatGPT verifies from where you are attempting to sign up by getting your phone number. If the country has banned ChatGPT, then, ChatGPT denies signup.

What Does ChatGPT Use Your Phone Number For?

ChatGPT uses your phone number to verify yourself as a human. Without a phone number, there is no easy way for Chat GPT to confirm you as a human.


Not only ChatGPT but also other giant websites that require the creation of an account, require phone number verification along with email verification. This is the safety precaution that every big title take. ChatGPT has no exception to that.

Is It Safe To Give ChatGPT Your Phone Number?

ChatGPT needs a phone number as a safety option. But does giving phone number to ChatGPT itself safe? Yes, it is safe to give phone number to ChatGPT.


OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is a well-reputed company from the USA. It also has got a huge deal signed up with Microsoft as well. So, there is no issue with trust in ChatGPT.


But, if you are still not convinced to give your phone number for signing up, don’t worry; we have figured out how you can use Chat GPT without giving your phone number.

How To Use ChatGPT Without Phone Number?

Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number

Though it is not possible to use ChatGPT without phone number, we have figured out how you can. Below we have provided some of the legal methods for using Chat GPT without phone number:

Using Bing Chat

You can use Microsoft Bing for using ChatGPT. Microsoft Bing has integrated Chat GPT into their search engine. Using Chat GPT in Microsoft Bing is very easy to do.


First, You need to go to Bing.com. But, there is a condition. You can only use Bing chat if you are using Microsoft Edge browser. So, before using it, make sure you have installed Microsoft Edge.


Now, if you go to bing.com, you will be able to see a tab named Bing Chat. By clicking on it, you will be able to use ChatGPT without any phone number or sign-up.


One more interesting thing is Bing Chat uses GPT-4 Artitectur meaning, ChatGPT-4. If you want to use ChatGPT-4 in OpenAI, it will cost you 20$ per month. But, if you use it in Microsoft Bing, you will not have to spend any money. It’s free.

Using Virtual Phone Number

If you want to use ChatGPT but don’t want to give your own number for security purposes, then all you have to do is to give a virtual number. Getting a virtual number is very easy.


There are so many virtual phone number providers on the internet. Not everyone is trusted. Some top-rated virtual phone number providers are Ring Central, Nextiva, Ooma, etc. You can get a virtual phone number by visiting their website.


After obtaining your virtual number, use it to sign up in Chat GPT. That’s it!

Using SnapChat

SnapChat has also integrated ChatGPT-like features in their App. It has used GPT architecture. All you need to do is go to your Snapchat account. There will be an option named chat.


You can use it for your assistance, asking questions, or doing anything we do in Chat GPT. This is how you can also use ChatGPT without giving a phone number.


Q. Can I use ChatGPT without phone number?

Yes, definitely you can use ChatGPT without a phone number. You can use a virtual phone number, use Bing chat, or use some alternatives like ChatGT which uses GPT architecture to operate.

Q. How do I get a virtual phone number for ChatGPT?

You can easily get a virtual phone number by going to any of the trusted virtual number providers sited like Ring Central, Nextiva, Ooma, etc.

Q. Is sharing my phone number safe?

Sharing your phone number is never safe especially if you are sharing it with an untrusted app or website.


In conclusion, If we answer the question ”Why Does ChatGPT Need Phone Number?” is, ”For security purpose”. ChatGPT ensures security to their platform by verifying you as a human by an actual phone number. It would not be possible for OpenAI to verify you as a human without asking for a Phone number. Apart from that, your phone number also uses as a two-step verification which ensures your ChatGPT account’s overall security.


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