Why Did Facebook Delete My Uploaded Photos 2023?

Recently, some users have complained that their photos were getting deleted by Facebook automatically. This is horrible! Because a lot of users prefer uploading Pictures on FB rather than saving them on their phone! Are you also facing the issue and wondering Why Did Facebook Delete My Uploaded Photos 2023? Don’t worry we have find out both reasons and solutions for this issue!

Why Did Facebook Delete My Uploaded Photos 2023

Facebook is deleting your uploaded photos in 2023 mainly due to software bug. But, there can be other reasons such as violation of terms, oversized image, image reporting, etc!

In this article, I am going to tell you about the reasons behind Facebook deleting your uploaded photos. After letting you know the reasons, I will also show you what you can do, I mean what are the fixes to get back those sweet memories. So, if it fits your interest then, continue reading below!

Why Did Facebook Delete My Uploaded Photos 2023?

There can be a few reasons behind Facebook deleting your uploaded photos in 2023. Below, I have listed them:

1. Software Bug

There is a huge possibility that the above issue is occurring due to a software glitch or bug. This is a very frustrating issue as the bug may last for long time.

2. Terms Violation

Facebook is very strict in terms of its terms and conditions. So, if you are posting images that are going against their terms, then Facebook will delete them from your account. You will get an email from Facebook officials if your photo has been taken down for terms issue.

3. Image Reporting

If someone reports your images to Facebook then, it can also cause the deletion of your uploaded photos. But, not every time it will happen. Your photos will be deleted only if they are going against the policy of Facebook.

4. Oversized Image

If you have used Oversized photos like, a photo with more than 15 MB of size then, Facebook may delete it from its database. So, keep it under 15 MB.

5. Server Maintenance

Due to server maintenance, some features of Facebook may be interrupted. You may not see any of your uploaded photos. But, this is not deletion of your photos. The photos will be back after the server maintenance is done.

How To Recover Deleted Photos?

First of All, Don’t Panic! Because you can get back your uploaded photos. For getting back your photos follow these ways I have shown below:

1. Wait A Moment

As we said earlier, the issue may occur due to software glitches or bugs. This can also occur due to maintenance. So, in that case, you will have to wait until the bug is fixed. This can take time. But, after the bug fixes or the server maintenance is done, your uploaded photos will be live again!

2. Using Archive

You can use the Archive option on Facebook to restore your uploaded photos. To do this, follow these steps:


  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then, go to Settings and Privacy option.
  • Then, select Settings.
  • Then, click on ”Your Facebook Information”
  • Then click on ”Download Your Information”
  • Select your date range, format and quality and download.
  • Now, you have restored the previous Facebook pictures!

3. Using Memories

You can also restore your uploaded photos by using your Memories section. To do that follow these steps:

  • Go to Memories
  • Then, scroll to the bottom and find highlights.
  • Now, select the Album section.
  • Here you will get deleted photos along with live photos.

Other than that, you can contact the Facebook Support Team for more information and complain about this issue.


Q. Why is Facebook deleting photos 2023?

Facebook is deleting Photos 2023 mainly due to software glitches. But, there can be other reasons such as terms violations, oversized images, server maintenance, etc.

Q. Why are my uploaded pictures on Facebook gone?

Your uploaded pictures on Facebook are gone because of software glitches. It can also happen due to server maintenance.

Q. Does Facebook permanently delete photos?

Yes, Facebook can permanently delete your photos if they violate the terms and conditions or Meta.


In conclusion, if you are wondering, ”Why Did Facebook Delete My Uploaded Photos 2023?” Then, you should know that this is mainly occurring due to a software bug issue. However, there can be other issues such as policy violations, oversized image issues, server maintenance, etc. But, you should not panic about it! Because we have mentioned how you can restore deleted photos above!


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