Chat GPT Not Working: Here Are 12 Easy Fixes!

Chat GPT is a popular Ai powered Chatbot used by a huge number of people. It is useful in many different ways. But, sometimes it shows some errors. As a result, Chat GPT does not work. Are you facing any problem using Chat GPT? Is your Chat GPT Not Working?

Chat GPT Not Working

Having any type of problem using Chat GPT can be frustrating. Especially, when we use Chat GPT in serious work. This is why it needs to be fixed.

Chat GPT Not Working Problem can be fixed in many ways such as using strong internet, clearing cookies & cache, using VPN, Changing browser, Contacting OpenAi’s support, etc.

In this article, we have revealed some of the possible causes of this problem. We also provided some quick and easy fixes step by step to solve the problem of Chat GPT Not Working.

Why is Chat GPT Not Working?

Chat GPT Not Working?

Chat GPT Not Working problem can cause many different reasons. It can cause because of Poor internet, cookies problem, internal issues, etc. Below we have provided some of the common causes of this problem:

Weak Internet

If you are using a weak internet connection then this can be a probable cause of Chat GPT Not Working Error. Chat GPT is an advanced website. If you use a weak or slow internet connection then it will not load correctly the website correctly.


This is why you need to make sure that you are using a safe, secure, and strong internet connection.

Cookies Problem

If your browser has cookies and cache problems then this might cause this problem. Because sometimes corrupted and defective cookies can restrict you from accessing Chat GPT’s site.


Yes, keeping and allowing cookies can be very helpful for surfing websites smoothly. But, sometimes it causes problems. In that case, we have to clear them to get a clean browser life new one.

OpenAI' Problem

Sometimes Chat GPT Not Working problem can happen for OpenAi’s fault. In that case, you don’t have to do anything. After OpenAI solves the issue, you will be able to use Chat GPT again.


If you are using a VPN then this can be a reason for Chat GPT Not Working Issue. If you use VPN for using Chat GPT, it’s ok. But, sometimes Chat GPT will not open by using VPN.


In that case, you need to disable it. After disabling it, you may try again to log in to see if it worked or not.

Server Demand

ChatGPT is one of the most hyped thing in the web right now. Everyone is talking and using it. It creates pressure on the server of ChatGPT. Chat GPT will not work in high demand. In that case, this problem can happen.

Easy Fixes For Chat GPT Not Working Problem

Chat GPT Not Working?

Now, we know why this problem happens. It’s time to fix this problem. Below we have shown you 12 Effective and easy troubleshoots for Chat GPT Not Working Problems:

Check Internet Connection

If you face any type of Chat GPT error-related problem always check your internet connection. Because in the majority time, Chat GPT is Not Working problem occurs because of a weak internet connection.


Also, check if your device is in an Airplane mode or not. If your Device is in airplane mode then disable it. Then use a strong internet connection. And then try again.

Restart Your Device

If you have checked your internet connection and still having trouble getting rid of this problem then you should restart your phone or PC and try again.


By doing this, you are giving your phone an internal refresh. If the problem was because internal minor device error then it will fix.

Clear Cookies & Cache

Sometimes, Chat GPT Not Working Problem occurs because of Browser Cache and cookies problems. In that case, by clearing cache an cookies you can easily fix this problem.


If you don’t know how to clear cache and cookies then follow these articles for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Check OpenAI' Status

Your Chat GPT may not be working because of OpenAI’s server issues. In that case, you do not need to do anything. But, how will you know?


Simply go to OpenAI Status. Now, you can check real-time’s status.

Change IP Address By VPN

If Chat GPT Not Working in your country then all you need to do is install a well-reputed VPN. And then select a country that allows Chat GPT to use. This will resolve the issue.


The main work that VPN does is Change your IP to different IP. If you are using Chat GPT for good then you can use it. There is no unethical thing to use VPN.

Change Browser

If you are using an outdated browser then this might be a reason for this problem. An outdated browser can not load Chat GPT properly. This is why Chat GPT shows an error while logging in to it.


Check for any updates on your browser. If there is any update, update it immediately. But, if there is no update then, you need to switch your browser. We prefer you to use Google Chrome or Firefox or a well-secured Browser.

Turn off Extensions

If you are using a browser where you have installed a lot of extensions then this can be a reason. Yes, it seems weird but, it’s true.


In that case, you need to deactivate your browser extensions and try again. You can easily do this by hovering your mouse icon over the extension icon and left-click on the mouse. Then, Deactivate or remove the extension.

Try again Later

If you have done all of the fixes that we have shown above but still couldn’t find any solution then, just wait a little bit. The problem is occurring because of server overload of Chat GPT.


In this situation, you can not do anything. You will have to wait for some time and try again later to use Chat GPT.

Input Correct Login Details

If you are giving the wrong input to login details then Your Chat GPT will not work. If you have saved your login information to your browser then, go and check if it is correct or manually input login details.

Try With Different Account

You can try using a different Chat GPT account. You can easily sign up for a Chat GPT account in just a few clicks. Here is How. Remember, Chat GPT allows you to create an account with a phone number.


So, if you have created an account with a phone number then you need to have another phone number. After signing up you will be able to use Chat GPT like before.

Use Chat GPT Premium

One more thing that you can do is purchase the Chat GPT premium version if you are unable to work on Chat GPT.  It will cost you only 20$ a month.


OpenAI, the company behind Chat GPT has claimed that you will be prioritised in the moment of high demand if you use Chat GPT Plus. So, if you need Chat GPT every time then you can go for the premium.

Contact Support

If you are not able to find any solution, if the problem continues for a long period of time, all you have to do is contact the support team of Chat GPT.


You can do this by visiting the Chat GPT Support Center. Write about your problem and then Chat GPT support will take care of the rest.


In addition, You can also watch this video to solve this problem.


Q. Why is ChatGPT not working anymore?

Chat GPT Not Working anymore is because of some issues like cache problems, weak internet problems, country issues, browser issues, OpenAi’s server issues, etc.

Q. How do I unblock chat on GPT?

You can unblock chat on GPT by using a VPN.

Q. How do I fix network error in ChatGPT?

You can fix network error in Chat GPT by simply checking your network connection. Use a strong internet connection.


In conclusion, Fixing Chat GPT Not Working Problem is a very easy task to do. You need to  check your browser for updates, clear cache, input correct log in details, check Openai’s status, use a strong network, restart your device, and try after some time, or use Chat GPT Plus to fix this issue.


Above we have shown you how you can do them in simple words so that you can do them easily. We hope these fixes were useful for you. If not, then comment down below on what type of issues you are still facing.


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