What Is PimEyes: How To Use, Pricing, Free Alternatives

Searching for persons with just an image is not very easy. Especially, if the person is not a popular one. But, have you ever imagined that you can also search for a person with just a single image? Maybe no! But, now there is a tool that can bring the actual source of the images with the person! Ladies and Gentlemen, We present to you the PimEyes: the ultimate search engine for images.

What Is PimEyes How To Use, Pricing, Free Alternatives

The PimEyes is a face recognition search engine that can find out a person’s image with sources. You can use the PimEyes by going to Pimeyes.com. There are many free alternaives of PimEyes such as Google Image Search, Bing Image Search, Pinterest Lens, etc.

In this article, We will talk about what is PimEyes, How to use it, Whether Is it free or needs a subscription, and the Alternatives of PimEyes. In short, you will know everything you need to know about PimEyes! So, if you find it interesting, consider reading below!

What is PimEyes?

The PimEyes is a face recognition search engine that can find out the image’s true source. All it requires is an image. That’s it. It will find out the related images by crawling the web. It uses reverse image search and face detection technology to find images really quickly.


The tool has a massive user base. Around 30 million plus times users visit the platform per month. Which says, how great and helpful this tool is for users. The interface of this website is very easy to understand and use.


You can drag and drop an image directly from your PC or laptop. And then, the search engines will perform their search and find out the image source when it was uploaded earlier. It uses the most powerful system to find out these images. So, you can call it the new king of Image Search!

How To Use PimEyes?

PimEyes is a great image search engine that you can use for various purposes. If you want to search for a picture copyright, you can use it. On the other hand, you can use it to find a rare picture. But, before that, you will have to know how to use it. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process on how to use PimEyes:


  • Go to PimEyes.
  • Now, click on ”Upload A Photo” or you can take a photo directly using the camera icon.
  • You can also drag and drop your picture from the PC.
  • Now, after that, the image will uploaded.
  • Now, click on ”Start Search”.
  • Now, The PimEyes will search the image on the Web and bring you the results.
  • PimEyes will give you a list of search pages that are similar to the picture that you provided.
  • Click on ”Open Website” to view them.

And that’s it! This is how you can use the PimEyes image search easily. Now, searching for persons is way more easy with the help of PimEyes

PimEyes Pricing Plan

The PimEyes is a freemium platform. Which means this is both paid and fee. You will get three free image searches as a trial. You don’t even need any login or sign-up at this time. But, after three free image searches, you will have to purchase a plan in order to continue searching.


Currently, the PimEyes has three active plans. One Plus Plan is $35.39/mo, the Protect Plan is $47.19/mo, and the Advanced Plan is $353.99/mo.

Free Alternatives For PimEyes

In this section, We will talk about the Free alternatives for PimEyes that existed before the arrival of PimEyes! Though, there are some paid alternatives of PimEyes as well such as ClearView, TinEye, Imagga, etc. You can also use them. Now, let’s have a look at the best 3 Free alternatives to PimEyes below:

1. Google Image Search

The Google Image Search is Google’s very own image search engine. It can detect images of any objects, plants, persons, literally anything. And we all know who Google is, the boss of Search Engine.


To use Google Image Search:

  • Go to Google.com
  • You will see the search bar on that page.
  • Now, look at the camera icon on the right side with the Mic icon.
  • Click on the Camera icon.
  • Now, drag, upload, or paste the link of an image and click ”Search”.

That’s it! Now, google will do the image search for you and find the matching images!

2. Bing Visual Search

Next up, You can use the Bing search engine for image search. Yes, Bing search engine! Did you know that before? Let me know in the comment below. To search images with the help of Microsoft Bing, follow these steps:


  • Go to Bing Visual Search.
  • Now, you will get options such as drag image, paste image url, or Browse.
  • Simply, upload an image and the search process will start.

That’s it! It will now give you related image search results within a moment and it’s free, friends!

3. Pinterest Image Search

At the 3rd in our list of best free alternatives of PimEyes, we picked up Pinterest Image Search (Lens). This is a great search engine for images. We all know, that Pinterest is the biggest picture-sharing platform. So, finding pictures for this platform is pretty much an easy task. The Pinterest Image Search is also known as The Pinterest Lens. To use this, you will have to log in to Pinterest. After login, you will have to go to the lens and then upload the image that you want to search. After searching, you will get the search result for 100% free of cost!


Q. Can I search a person by photo?

Yes, You can search for a person by photo. For searching a person by photo you should use image search engines such as PimEye, Google Image Search, Bing Image Search, etc.

Q. Can I use PimEyes for free?

Yes, You can use PimEyes for free. But, only for the first three image searches. After that, you will have to buy plans.

Q. Can Google Lens find a person?

Yes, Google Lens can find a person. In fact, it is a great way to search images. After searching the Google search engine will crawl images from its vast image library and present to you the best matched result.


In conclusion, PimEyes is a face recognition search engine that can find a person’s image by crawling across the web. In this article above, We have included everything you need to know about this great platform with some great fee alternatives so that you don’t need to spend any money. But, if you want to try it out then, you can. Because the first three image searches are free!


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