What Is Multimodal AI and Why Should You Care?

Artificial Intelligence is impacting our workplace, daily life, and even online consumption. That’s not just it, AI is improving itself continuously. Initially, we have seen unimodal AI’s but now we are seeing the appearance of Multimodal AI’s! In this article, we will talk about what Multimodal AI and Unimodal AI are and most importantly should you care about these.

What Is Multimodal AI

The Unimodal AI is an AI that can process only one input whereas Multimodal AI can take input from multiple inputs. ChatGPT, Google Bard, Midjourney, etc. platforms uses Multimodal AI.

What Is Multimodal AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

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Multimodal AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence that can understand and process multiple types of inputs. Such as text, voice, images, etc. Whereas, Unimodal AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence that can only process and understand only one type of input.


Most of the AI platforms that we use are primarily made in unimodal. But, after the progress of the AI industry, the unimodal platforms have been shifted to Multimodal AI.


The effectiveness and usefulness of Multimodal AI are a lot. With the help of these types of AI, we can save time and money. To make this type of AI it’s really expensive as well. Companies invest billions of dollars to make an AI effective.

What Is An Example Of Multimodal AI?

ChatGPT is a perfect example of multimodal AI. It can take input from text-primarily but it can also take input from voice. The image input is under development and soon we may see this input type as well. However, the ChatGPT can now output in both images and texts.


The Google Bard AI also supports multimodal AI. This makes it another great example of Multimodal AI. With the help of Bard AI, you can send both image and text input. However, only text output is supported right now. But, in the near future, you can get image output from Google Bard as well.


Apart from this, the Midjourney, Craiyon AI, Bing image creator, Microsoft’s VALL-E, etc. all are made in Multimodal AI. You can use them and get a teste of Multimodal Artificial Intelligence. Have fun!

Is ChatGPT A Multimodal?

ChatGPT Can Now Access the Internet for Real-Time Data

Yes, ChatGPT uses Mutimodal artificial intelligence. ChatGPT runs with GPT architecture which is an NLP (Natural Language Processing ) AI. This AI can understand multiple inputs. Currently, it can understand text and audio inputs.


As there is two input, we can call it multimodal AI. Apart from that, the ChatGPT can give you multiple types of outputs. It can give you image and text outputs.  However, you will have to pay $20 (Exclusively only on ChatGPT Plus) to get the image output feature

Why Should You Care About Multimodal AI?

You should definitely care about Multimodal AI. In fact, you will have to get the help from it. Don’t stay away from it, if you want to stay with the wave.


Another reason why you should care about multimodal AI is because it will bring a new revolution in how we work. So, if you can adapt to multimodal AI then, you may get a better oppurtunity or a better position in your workplace.


AI is your friend. Yes, there are some job sections that will be replaced by AIs. But, for AI there will be more and more job posts will be opened. This is another reason why you should care about Multimodal AI.


Q. What is the difference between unimodal and multimodal AI?

The main difference between unimodal and multimodal AI is the unimodal AI can take only one type of input whereas the multimodal AI can take multiple inputs.

Q. Why use multimodal AI?

The Multimodal AI can be really helpful to your daily life work. Multimodal AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, etc. can save your time and money.

Q. What could be the future of artificial intelligence?

The future of Artificial Intelligence can not be predicted. But, as we are seeing right now, the AI sector is continuously improving and growing. If this growth continues, AI can make a huge impact on our life in the near future.


In conclusion, Multimodal AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence that can take multiple types of inputs such as texts, voice, images, etc. These types of AI are used in most of the popular AI platforms such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard AI, Midjurney, Bing Image Creator, etc.


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