WebChatGPT Not Working? Try These 7 Fixes

ChatGPT is a new marvel in the era of AI technology. You can use this chatbot to do tasks like creating articles, creative scripts, suggestions, etc. AI like ChatGPT can be a very handy and useful tool for your work as it saves time a lot.


Not only that, there is now a Google Chrome Extension named WebChatGPT that connects ChatGPT to the internet and unleashes the power of AI more. But, some of the users are getting WebChatGPT Not Working Error. Do you know how to fix it?


”WebChatGPT is a Google Chrome Extension that Connects ChatGPT to the internet. By connecting to the internet a user will get the responses from ChatGPT from any current topic. But, sometimes users get trouble using WebChatGPT. For fixing WebChatGPT Not working error you should take steps like clearing the cache & cookies of the browser, disabling the WebChatGPT extension and re-enabling it, using a strong internet connection, updating the extension, etc.”

If you encounter issues with using this Chrome Extension, then you have come to the right place. Because this article is going to help you to fix the WebChatGPT extension not working error with 7 methods. So, Without any more delay, let’s go!

What is WebChatGPT?

WebChatGPT is an extension that connects internet access to Chat GPT. As we all know, ChatGPT does not have an internet connection yet. As a result, you will not get any response if you ask about any current query.

But, if you use WebChatGPT then, you will be able to get internet access in ChatGPT. You will then get the responses of the latest happenings as well. Not only that, WebChatGPT has a lot of inbuilt prompts that are helpful for your overall experience in using ChatGPT.

How Does WebChatGPT Work?

WebChatGPT works by integrating connections between ChatGPT and the internet. When a user search for anything in ChatGPT, if this extension is enabled, it conducts live web searches, access specific websites, obtain real-time information, and provides to ChatGPT. That’s how it works.


For using WebChatGPT, you need to install it from Google Chrome Store. After installation, it will automatically integrate with ChatGPT. benefitting from the added functionality provided by WebChatGPT. Now with this extension enabled, you will be able to use ChatGPT with an internet connection!

Why WebChatGPT extension not working issue occurs?

The WebChatGPT extension not working issue can occur due to several reasons. These reasons include poor internet connection, OpenAI ChatGPT Website down issue, browser compatibility issues, etc. But, whatever the reason is you can solve these errors by following out 7 quick and easy fixes below!

7 Fixes for WebChatGPT Not Working

Check Internet Connection

The most common and most effective way to solve the issue is to check your internet connection before doing anything. You should do it first. If you find that, your device is lacking an stable internet connection then immediately connect it to an internet connection and then use ChatGPT. Also, make sure that your Wi-Fi router is working properly. This should fix WebChatGPT not working error more likely.

Reinstall WebChatGPT

This error can be happening for corrupted installation. For this reason, you should be reinstalling the WebChatGPT extension. To re-install, you need to install the extension first. For doing that, you need o go to the Chrome web store. Search for WebChatGPT. Then Remove it from Chrome. After removing again add it to Chrome. This should fix the WebChatGPT not working issue if it is occurring for installation error.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Your Browser’s cookies and cache can be a reason for this error. In that case, you will have to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. But, before doing it, you need to store your saved passwords and login information somewhere safe.


To clear cache and cookies you need to click on the three dots in the top right corner in Chrome. After that click on the settings options. From settings clear your cache and cookies. You can also follow these official instructions for clearing cookies and cache in Mozilla FirefoxBing, and Safari browser.

Disable Conflicting Extensions

Sometimes some of the extensions can cause this issue. To identify which of the extension is causing WebChatGPT not working issue you need to un-install extensions one by one. To uninstall an extension from Chrome you need to right-click on your mouse button after hovering on to the extension icon. After uninstalling see if the issue persists or not.

Update WebChatGPT Extension

If you are using the older version of this extension then, this may not work properly. In that case, you need to use the latest version of the WebChatGPT extension

  1. Open Google Chrome Extensions or search “chrome://extensions” in the address bar.
  2. Search ”WebChatGPT” and click on the “Update” button if available.
  3. If no update option is present, uninstall the current extension and reinstall the latest version.

Updating Google Chrome

You need to make sure your browser and extension is compatible to get up from this error. We have shown how you can update WebChatGPT above. Now, let’s have a look at updating Chrome.

For updating Chrome you need to go to the settings option. After that go to ”About Chrome”. Then Update it for using the latest version of Chrome. Note that, you do not need to use a different browser.

Contact Support

If the problem persists you need to contact support. For contracting support, you need to go to OpenAI help.


Q. How can I install the WebChatGPT extension?

To install the WebChatGPT extension, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for “WebChatGPT,” and click on the “Add to Chrome” button.

Q. Why does WebChatGPT keep disconnecting during conversations?

Disconnecting issues may arise due to a poor internet connection or conflicts with other extensions. Follow our guide to troubleshoot and resolve such issues.

Q. Is WebChatGPT free to use?

Yes, WebChatGPT is a free browser extension provided by Google Chrome.


In conclusion, WebChatGPT Not Working issue can be frustrating as you will miss the opportunity to use ChatGPT to the highest level. To fix it, you need to check your internet connection, clear your browser cache and cookies, disable the WebChatGPT extension, re-install, update the browser, etc.


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