Arizona Man Was Trapped Inside His Tesla on a 100 Degree Day!

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Md Yeamin

An Arizona man was trapped inside his Tesla Model Y on a 100-degree day.

He couldn't open the doors or lower the windows due to a dead computer

The 12-volt battery inside the vehicle, powering essential items, was also dead.

Despite having sufficient range in the lithium-ion battery, he couldn't escape.

Tesla service center suggested replacing the dead 12-volt battery as a solution.

Tesla does have an emergency latch for vehicle escape if the battery dies or doors won't open

The emergency latch is located beneath the front seat window switches in the Tesla Model Y.

Not all Tesla vehicles, including some back seats, have this emergency latch.

A lack of knowledge about the latch is attributed to drivers not fully reading their manuals.

Incident reports across the United States indicate people getting trapped in their Teslas.