Vall-E AI: What Is It, Features, How To Use, Release Date

The VALL-E is an AI-powered text-to-audio converter developed by Microsoft. Microsoft claims that the VALL-E can clone anyones voice with just a sample time of three seconds. That’s Crazy! Our today’s article is about Microsoft’s Vall-E AI and everything in it.

Vall-E AI

The VALL-E is an AI-powered platform that can convert text into audio. It is still under development under Microsoft. The company claims that it can clone anyone’s voice by taking three seconds of audio samples!

What Is VALL-E AI?

Vall-E AI

The Microsft VALL-E AI is an artificial intelligence-powered upcoming tool developed by Microsoft’s AI engineers that can convert text into audio. By using this platform, anyone can clone anyone’s voice in just three seconds!


AI voice is a new thing in the voiceover industry. Just one year ago, we were not familiar with AI voice cloning or voiceovers. But, this is now becoming a part of our daily life. This tool can be very useful in many aspects.


Especially for Voice artists, Content creators, customer services, and businesses the technology of AI voice can be effective. This can save the human labor and save a lot of money. This AI is still under development. In the near months, we can expect the beta version to be released.

Key Features of VALL-E

Vall-E AI

There are many features of VALL-E that promise us a good impression of this AI platform. We can expect an excellent quality AI text-to-voice model as this is developing with the help of world-class AI scientists. Now, let’s see some of the key features of VALL-E AI.

1. High Quality Voice

The VALL-E powered by Microsoft is capable of providing high-quality voices/speech. The AI voice model has been trained on a lot of databases so that it can give a proper and natural output just like humans.

2. Emotion Control

The VALL-E is an AI, that’s true. But, it has adapted to speak with emotion. It can speak with joy, sorrow, sadness, etc. This makes the text to voice output so natural.

3. Easy Cloning

You can clone anyones voice with just three seconds of voice input. The more voice input you will give the more quality output will be. But, the minimum input for cloning a voice is about 3 seconds.

4. API Support

As per reports, the VALL-E will also give the feature to API support. This means you will be bale to use the AI in your own product. This will help your business or profession grow much more easily.

5. Multi Speaker

The VALL-E has been trained with over 6000 hours of voice recording which will make it versatile. You can ask it at any tone and the AI can deliver it. The muli-speaker training is also crucial to make it look more natural.

How To Use The VALL-E?

Currently, There is no way to use the VALL-E. The VALL-E is an upcoming project of Microsoft. It is sill under development. In fact, there is no information about its release data. So, it is not possible to use it right now.

Is Microsoft VALL-E Available To The Public?

Now, Microsoft VALL-E is not available to the public. The Microsoft VALL-E  is an under-development project. The developers are continuously working hard to make the release of this product as soon as possible.


Because the market for text-to-voice generation is huge. As fast as companies can launch their speech AI, they will stay ahead in this AI race.


Q. Can people use VALL-E?

No, People can not use VALL-E as it is a project of Microsoft. After its beta release, you people use it.

Q. What is the use of Microsoft VALL-E?

The use of Microsoft VALL-E is for converting text to audio. With the help of VALL-E you can clone anyone voice with just 3 seconds of sample audio.

Q. What is the new Microsoft AI voice?

The new Microsoft AI voice is VALL-E AI. It is still under development and not publically released.


In conclusion, The VALL-E AI is an upcoming product of Microsoft that can create excellent audio from texts. It can clone a voice by just 3 seconds of sample. We can not use it right now. As per our assumption, we can expect it in the near months.


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