Upside App Not Working? Here Are The Fixes!

Are you currently experiencing Upside App Not Working issue? Well, You are not alone! A lot of users of Upside are complaining about it. But, there are nothing to worry about it. Because, in this article, I will give you top 10 solutions that you can use to get Upside App back again!

Upside App Not Working

For fixing Upside App Not Working Issue, Check Upside app server status, clear Upside app’s cookies & cache, update the App, re-install the app, etc.

By reading this complete guide, You will be able to find out what are the reasons behind Upside App not working? and the top 10 fixes that you can immediately perform by yourself to get back the Upside app again. So, if it seems something useful, continue reading below!

What Is Upside App?

The Upside App is a platform where users can get exclusive cash-back opportunities in hotel bookings, flight bookings, travels, rentals, etc. This app basically researches every deal on these and provides the ultimate cost-efficient ones.


But, the Upside App is mostly popular among its users mainly for saving bucks in gas stations. By using the Upside App, users can also get rewards, cashback, and all money-saving thing. That’s why it is also a very popular app across US. 

Why Upside App Not Working?

There can be several reasons why the Upside App is not working at this moment. But, there are a few common reasons that mainly cause this issue. Let’s have a quick look at them. This will help up to do the fixes more accurately.

1. For Poor Network

If your device lacks a strong internet connection then, this issue can occur. In fact, not only this app but also the other apps will also stop to work. If you are unsure about your internet speed then you can check it on

2. For Server Down Issue

Sometimes, for server maintenance or internal issues, the server of the Upside app can go down. So, at this time you will not be able to use the app. And this issue can occur.

3. For App Glitches

The bugs and glitches on the Upside app can also cause this issue of not working. If the app is running well but suddenly shuts down then, the problem is occurring due to an app glitch. I have told you what you exactly need to do in this situation in fix number 4.

4. Cache & Cookies Issues

Your app cache and cookies help to run Upside smoothly. But, if there is any problem with the cache and cookies then, the Upside app will not work. I have also told you what you need to do in this situation below in fix number 3.

Top 10 Fixes For Upside App Not Working!

For Fixing the Upside App we have researched and picked up the Top 10 Most effective solutions. I have provided them step-by-step so that you can implement them very easily. Follow the fixes one by one and the issue will be solved!

1. Check Internet Connection

First thing first, If your internet connection is strong enough then, none of the apps on your device will work. So, we recommend you check your internet connection first. To check your internet connection you can use If you see the internet connection is slow then, contact your internet provider or use a strong network.

2. Check Upside App Server Status

As I said earlier, if the server is down then, the Upside app will not work. To check if the server is down you can go to DownDetector and see if the server is up or not. If you find out the server is down then, you should wait for 30-60 minutes until the server is up again.

3. Clear Upside App's Cache & Cookies

You can also clear the Upside app’s cache and cookies to give the app a fresh start. It may solve the app not working issue. To clean cache and cookies follow these steps:


For Android:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then look for the App list or search ”App” and go to the App list.
  • Find Upside App.
  • Go to ”Storage”.
  • Now, click on clear cache or clear data.

For iPhone:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then go to General.
  • Then go to iPhone Storage.
  • Search for Upside App.
  • Then delete the cache
  • by clicking Offload App.

4. Update The Upside App

If the Upside app is having a glitch and bug issue then, you should update the app. Because bugs and glitches can be only resolved by the app developers. And after solving bug issues the developers will release the new app version. So, go to the App or Play Store and check if there is any update available. If available, Simply update!

5. Update The Device

Your device may lack the compatibility for running the Upside App. In this situation, you should update the device you are using. To check if there is any update available go to Settings > About Phone. Then check for device update.

6. Reboot Your Device

Next up, Reboot your device. It can fix the Upside app not working issue. Sometimes, some of the apps do not work due to faulty reboots. So, in this situation, a simple reboot will solve the error.

7. Uninstall & Re-install Upside App

Your Upside app may not be working due to faulty installation. To fix this issue, you should uninstall the app and then re-install.

8. Disable The VPN

If you are using a VPN for using the Upside app then, I recommend you to stop the VPN and then try again to open the App. This may fix the Upside App Not Working issue.

9. Wait For A Moment

If you have all these fixes but nothing is working then, just give the app some breathing space. Because the app may be having some external issues. Try to use the app after a few moments and there is a huge possibility is the App will work again.

10. Contact For Support

Last but not least, You should contact the Upside App support team immediately. To contact the support team go to the Upside Support Page and open a ticket. Describe the issue completely and also mention the fixes you have done to sole the issue. Then, the support team will look after this issue.


Q. Does upside app still work?

Yes, At this moment, the Upside app is still working and saving money for its users.

Q. What's up with the upside app?

Due to some technical reasons some of the users of the Upside app are facing Upside App not working issue. But, by doing some fixes this issue can be solved.

Q. Does upside work on Android phones?

Yes, Upside works on Android phones.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, The Upside App Not Working issue can be very annoying especially if you are a regular user of this application. But, there is nothing to worry about it! By following the methods I have shown above you can fix this problem and continue using the app again!


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