Perplexity AI: What Is It, Features, How To Use It, Pricing

AI-powered chatbots are making several improvements in our daily lives. Now, we often use ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat, etc. to get information precisely. The Perplexity AI is one of them. But, a little different. It is not just an AI chatbot but also a web search engine!

Perplexity AI

The Perplexity AI is an AI chatbot-style web search engine. It uses Claude AI and GPT AI models to respond to user queries. You can use it for free by visiting

In this article, We will talk about everything you need to know about this AI platform. From what is Perplexity AI to how to use it, everything will be included. So, without any further do, let’s get started!

What Is Perplexity AI?

Perplexity AI

The Perplexity AI is a chatbot-style web search engine that can generate human-like responses according to user queries. It is similar to other AI chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, Bing Chat, etc. but with a lot more functionality.


Perplexity AI can surf the web and extract the exact and latest answer that a user is looking for. So, if you are trying to search for the latest query then, the Perplexity AI can be really useful to you. It is fast and reliable.


The Perplexity AI uses OpenAI’s GPT AI LLM (Large Language Model) to its back end. But, this is not just it. To make the model more powerful, it added voice search, Wolfram Alpha, and other useful addons. Wolfrum Alpha can solve any type of math question.

Key Features Of Perplexity AI

There are many useful features of Perplexity AI that can attract you to use it. Below, we have picked up some of the key features of Perplexity AI.

1. Generating AI Powered Responses

The main feature of Perplxity AI is it can generate AI-powered responses according to use queries. It is a web search engine. But, the interface is similar to an AI powered chatbot. This make this platform unique from other search engines.

2. Real-Time Data

The Perplexity AI can generate real-time data. Because it has access to the internet. So, when you ask a question about any latest happening, the Perplexity AI surfs the web, reads multiple articles, and then gives you a summarized response.

3. Solving Complex Math

The Wolfram Alpha and Preplexity AI are partnered to this project. This is why, when you ask for a math-related equation, the Perplexity AI can give you an in-depth, accurate solution. For example, if you ask this ”d/dx x^2 y^4, d/dy x^2 y^4”, the AI will take help from Wolfram Alpha and give you a well-structured solve.

4. Voice Command

You can also use the voice search just like any other search engine. This will also work. The voice typing is very accurate and can easily understand what you are saying. This feature is tiny but very helpful.

5. Free To Use

The Perplexity AI is a free-to-use tool. You can use it for free for unlimited time. However, there is a paid version as well that costs money. But, if you are a normal user, the free plan is going to be the best choice for you.

How To Use Perplexity AI?

You can use Perplexity AI very easily by visiting the official website of Perplexity AI and signing up for an account. You can use your Google, Apple, or Email account to sign up. Let’s see how you can use it, step by step:


  • Go to Perplexity AI.
  • Click on ”Sign Up”.
  • Now, Enter your email address and click on ”Continue with email”.
  • An email will be sent to your address. Open it and click on Sign up.
  • That’s It! You can now set your nickname and avatar.

You have now created your Perplexity account successfully. You can use it like any other chatbot for free!

Perplexity AI Pricing List

Perplexity AI

The Perplexity AI is a free-to-use AI tool. You do not need to give any money to use the basic version of it. However, there is one premium version of Perplexity AI available. The premium version will cost you $20 per month. If you take this plan for a year then, you will get a $40 discount and will cost you $200 per year!


Q. Is Perplexity AI better than ChatGPT?

The Perplexity AI is better than ChatGPT in terms of features, functionality, and real-time data. In Perplexity AI, you will get a more like web search engine experience than an AI chatbot.

Q. What does Perplexity AI do?

The Perplexity AI is a chatbot-style web search engine. It can understand our queries and give responses according to them in a human-like way.

Q. Is perplexity app safe?

Yes, the Perplexity app is safe to use. The team behind Perplexity is very strict with the use of users’ data and queries. They keep users’ privacy at the top.


In conclusion, The Perplexity AI is an AI-powered chatbot-style web search engine that can generate responses according to our queries. It uses GPT and Claude to give us responses. You can use this platform for free by going to If you are a professional, student, or teacher then, the Perplexity AI is a must-use platform for you!


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