7 Best Opus Clip Alternatives

In today’s world of AI magic, we have some super cool tools. These tools can listen to us and even make new stuff from scratch. One of these cool tools is video editing software. It’s like a magic wand for videos. It can make long videos short and super interesting.

7 Best Opus Clip Alternatives

Remember the old days when chopping up a video took forever? Well, not anymore. Now, with these tools, it’s as easy as building a LEGO castle.


One special tool in this world of video magic is Opus Clip. But wait, if you’re looking for something else, then you can look for Opus Clip Alternatives. It’s like picking a new flavor of ice cream!


But before we talk about the alternatives to Opus Clip, let’s find out what Opus Clip actually is.

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What is Opus Clip?

Opus Clip is a great video editing software that uses a powerful AI model called GPT. It’s an easy platform to take a long video and find the best short parts to create something new. Here are few highlighted things it can do:


  • It can make short video clips that tell a story.
  • Focus on the people who are speaking in the video and put them in the most important part.
  • Add emojis, captions, and highlight keywords using AI.

7 Best Opus Clip Alternatives

Apart from Opus Clip, there are other great options for video editing. These alternatives have special features that can help you make the best videos according to your needs.


Vidyo.ai has fantastic editing features for making short video clips. You can import a video and set your preferences. These preferences help decide which parts of a longer video should be used to make shorter ones.


Key Feature & Pricing:

  • Automatically adds captions, resizes videos, creates chapters, and detects scenes.
  • Works Well on all kinds of devices.
  •  You can try it for free. But, you can only upload 75 minutes of video each & every month.
  • The starter plan costs $15/month, The pro plan cost $29.99/month, The Pro+ plan cost $49.99/month.
  • They also offer a Full Service package for $299/one time.


Pictory.ai lets you make short branded video snippets easily. You can turn scripts and blog posts into videos without needing any technical skills.


Key Feature & Price:

  • No need to download software – you can use it online.
  • You can organize images, crop videos, correct colors, and edit them quickly.
  • You can use Pictory.ai for free to create 3 video projects of up to 10 minutes each.
  • The standard version is $19/month, the Premium package is $39/month, and the Teams package costs $99/month.


Gloss.ai is a great alternative to Opus Clip that uses AI to edit videos and make them shorter. You can create things like eBooks, social media snippets, summaries, highlights, images, blog posts, and chapters easily.


Key Features:

  • Convert audio into video online.
  • Easily turn longer videos into shorter ones.
  • Gloss.ai offers 2 free videos.


2short.ai helps you make short snippets and videos for social media quickly. You can turn longer videos into shorter, more engaging ones.


Features & Price:

  • Features: Can repurpose videos with animated subtitles, high-quality export, and adding logos.
  • Comes in free, lite, pro, and premium versions.
  • The starter package is free and allows 15 minutes of video processing per month.
  • The Lite package costs $9.90/month, the Pro package costs $19.90/month, and the Premium package costs $49.90/month.


Wisecut uses AI to find important parts of a longer video and make shorter clips. You can also add subtitles and translations.

Features & Price:


  • Automatically cuts out silence to save time.
  • Automatically adds subtitles and translates.
  • Free for up to 30 minutes of video editing per month.
  • Starter pack is $10/month, professional pack is $29/month.


Momento helps you make viral shorts, clips, and reels for social media. It uses AI to find the best moments in a long video.


Features& Price:

  • Uses AI to find important moments.
  • Transcribes audio quickly.
  • The creator package is $18/month.


EditAir helps you make shorter videos, clips, reels, and snippets easily. You can also try a beta version to see how it works.


Features & Price:

  • Create short videos online without downloading anything.
  • Add subtitles and transcripts using AI.
  • Premium plan starts at $24.99 per month.


Q. Is there any other website like Opus clip?

Yes, There are other alternatives like Opus Clip. Vidyo.ai, Pictory.ai, 2short.ai are some of the popular alternatives of Opus Clip.

Q. Is Opus clip free to use?

Opus Clip is a freemium service. You will get free trial, but after that, you will have to take a plan.

Q. Is Opus Clip real?

Yes, Opus Clip is Real. It exists.


And there you have it, folks! The 7 Best Opus Clip Alternatives. The stage is set, the curtains rise, and the AI-powered video-editing carnival is in full swing. Choose your favorite act or mix and match to create your digital masterpiece. Who knew the world of video editing could be this spellbinding?

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