OpenAI Valuation: OpenAI Joins the $90 Billion Valuation Club?

OpenAI is an Artificial Intelligence company that was started in 2015. And in 2023, there has been a rumour that, it will raise an investment of almost 90 Billion Dollars! If the rumour is correct then, the OpenAI Valuation will be 90 Billion Dollars.

OpenAI Valuation

OpenAI had raised funding from Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive at the valuation of 300 Million Dollars. With K2 Global the OpenAI Valuation was around 29 Billion Dollars. With Microsoft, the OpenAI Valuation was around 10 Billion Dollars.

What Is Current OpenAI Valuation?

The current OpenAI Valuation is 29 Billion Dollars. The share was brought by K2 Global. But, earlier, OpenAI sold its shares at a valuation of 300 Million dollars with Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Thrive. This was a huge spike in their valuation. 


But, there is a heavy rumor that OpenAI is preparing to sell its shares to expand its business and the valuation from 29 Billion to 90 Billion. The Rumour has become stronger as the news has been featured in Tech Crunch, Barrons, and other leading websites in the field of technology.


If OpenAI is able to do it, then the company will actually get a valuation of 90 Billion Dollars. This is a big spike for a startup company that has seen its growth only from last year. The current ownership of Microsoft in OpenAI is a total of 49% stake.


Microsoft invested around 10 Billion dollars. There was a possibility to go bankrupt for OpenAI by 2024, as it was losing around 700000$ per day! But, With the help of big investments the company is expecting to get $1 Billion in revenue in 2023!

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