OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT (Everything You Need To Know)

OpenAI Playground and ChatGPT both are impressive products from OpenAI, a USA based startup company. ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and OpenAI Playground was announced in November 2021. Both are created for serving different purposes and capabilities. But, as these two are from the same company, many of us think about OpenAI PlayGround vs ChatGPT comparisons. If you are also one of them then this article is going to help you with that!

OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT

OpenAI Playground is an interactive place between us and Artificial Intelligence. Because, by using Playground we can do ai interaction, train specific models, select multiple languages and the same models, customize them, and many more things. It is very simple and easy to operate as well.


On the other hand, ChatGPT is the hot cake of today’s time as it is being used widely for generating humanly responses in no time. It is basically an ai powered Chatbot. But, the uses of it is not just limited to Chatbots. We are using it for creating ideas, solving math problems, writing literally anything, etc. Overall, it is the new Ai king of Chatting.


In today’s article, I am going to break down the idea of OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT in terms of features so that you get a clear picture between these two. So, without any further do, let’s go!

OpenAI Playground's Key Features

OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT

To understand the differences between these two products from OpenAI we need to understand the features first. Let’s start by talking about the key features of OpenAI Playground:

AI Interaction

Interacting with Artificial Intelligence has now a lot easier than ever before with the help of OpenAI Playground. You can interact with different models, language models and get responses according to the outputs you give.

Model Customizing

At OpenAI Playground you get this excellent feature of customizing your models. For example, if you are using text based models then, you will be able to to do customize such as increasing or decreasing the pitch of the tone, can make it robotic or humanly, etc. On the other hand, if you choose to use an image based model then you will be able to crease or decrease image saturation, contrast, hue, etc.

Training Models

You can also train your models at OpenAI Playground. But how? Well, you can use your data, your search history, and your prompts to educate your models according to you. This feature gives you extra benefits to create or shape your model like how you wanted it to be!

More than One Model

As I said earlier, you are going to get multiple models such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4, DALL E, Whisper, GPT-3, etc. There every model is capable to do particular tasks. Like, GPT models are trained to generate texts, DALL E is specifically created to create images, Whisper is created to convert audio to text, etc.

Easy to Use Interface

OpenAI Playground has a very easy-to-understand user interface. So, you are going to find it very easy to operate. If you are not an expert on using models or customizing them, don’t worry you are gonna get a fantastic and easy to understand dashboard.

ChatGPT's Key Features

OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT

It is pretty much sure that, ChatGPT is getting more than any userbase than other ai chatbots ever got. ChatGPT is doing exceptionally well to understand and answer users’ queries in a flash of time. Let’s have a look at the key features of ChatGPT:

Humanly Responses

The most popular and useful feature of an AI chatbot is its humanly behavior. ChatGPT is specified in this section. It can create and deliver some amazing humanly responses that made us feel like we are talking or chatting with a human. This is why it is getting this much user base overnight.

Accurate Answers

Okay, now we see that ChatGPT is extremely doing good at generating human-like responses. But, along with human-like responses, there is one more thing required, which is accuracy. The ChatGPT is also doing great in this section as well. When a user gives a prompt, ChatGPT analyses the questions and gives accurate responses from its vast database.

Finding Creative Ideas

You can also find creative ideas along with chatting! Yes, you can do it. Suppose, you are about to launch a business and you are not able to find out the name idea for your business. Then, you do not need to go anywhere else to find creatine name ideas. All you need to do is to give a prompt to ChatGPT about asking for name suggestions. That it! you now get a name, a creative name for your business. You can implement this for others like creating creative resumes, essays, content, and much more.

Act as Assistant

You can also use ChatGPT as an assistant of yours. You can give commands as you do in Google Assistant or Siri. You can tell ChaGPT for creating your daily routine, set timers, get suggestions, ask for advice, etc.

Increadible Writing Skills

You can write anything by giving a command to ChatGPT. You can create youtube video scripts, compose compositions on any topic, write resumes, and do everything that you want to write about. This is going to help you if you are in a hurry for writing or need a writer.


Q. What is the difference between chat and completion in OpenAI?

The main difference between ChatGPT and OpenAI is ChatGPT mainly acts as a chatbot whereas OpenAI Playground is a place where we can interact with different AI models including GPT, DALL.E, etc.

Q. What website is similar to OpenAI Playground?,, DeepAI API, etc are some of the similar websites like OpenAI Playground.

Q. Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, ChatGPT is free to use. But, there is also an upgraded version available which costs 20$ a month.


At last, OpenAI Playground vs ChatGPT is a very interesting comparison to talk about. Though, both are from the same company but there are a lot of differences in the features, use cases, interface, and compatibilities. Where OpenAI Playground is specialized for interacting with different models like GPT, DALL E, and Whisper whereas, ChatGPT is basically a text based language model that generates human like responses. Above, I have pointed out 5 differences in features on both, you can check it out!

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that every piece of information on this page is 100% accurate.

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