Midjourney’s AI Art Generator Gets a New Website (Major Update)

Midjourney is one of the most powerful & popular AI-powered platforms that can generate stunning images with the help of simple text prompts. So far, the Midjourney is using its Discord server for serving its services. But, it is now preparing to launch its services from its own website!

Midjourney's AI Art Generator Gets a New Website (Major Update)

The Midjourney is preparing a new website to launch its image-generating services. If it happens, the AI company will move one step ahead of the previous one. The users will get a much cleaner and easier user interface as well.

After its launch, the Midjourney has seen a massive success. Everyone loved its services. Currently, they are only operating their website for the signup process. The image generation process is only possible in their Discord server.

Using the Discord server makes the process a bit complex for users. Specially, for a person who never used Discord before. But, with the new website of Midjourney, a user can easily use this platform with more ease.

However, they haven’t started to give their image generation services through the website till now. But, we can expect that they will open this feature very soon. We can assume that, this feature will be public after a few weeks!

If this happens then, there will be much more comfort for its users. There will be more fast responses, more security, and less complexity. The browser version of Midjourney will also help to spread this platform much wider.

AI image generators such as Bing image creator, Craiyon AI, Gencraft, etc already have their own websites instead of any Discord server. So, let’s see how the users accept the new website of Midjourney. Hopefully, it works best for the Midjourney team!

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