Fix ”Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start” Error

Innovation often comes with occasional challenges, and Midjourney is no exception. One such challenge is the infamous “Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start” error. This error might interrupt the smooth image generation process, leaving you puzzled and frustrated.

Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start

If you’ve encountered this issue where your prompts seem to be stuck in the processing queue, worry not! This article will demystify the problem and guide you through easy steps to resolve it. Let’s dive in and restore the flow of creativity!

What Is Midjourney?

Welcome to the exciting world of creative possibilities with Midjourney! Developed by the forward-thinking team at Midjourney, Inc. in San Francisco, Midjourney is a groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence program.


It empowers you to transform written descriptions into captivating images, putting the power of imagination at your fingertips. Similar to well-known tools like OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney turns your imaginative prompts into stunning visuals.

Uses of Midjourney

Whether you’re an artist exploring new horizons, a designer seeking inspiration, or a curious mind venturing into AI frontiers, Midjourney is your creative companion.


As the brilliant minds at Midjourney continue to innovate, you’ll witness smoother user experiences and even greater advancements. So, if you encounter the “Waiting to start” error, consider it a detour, not a roadblock.

Fixing ”Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start” Error

Here are straightforward fixes for the “Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start” error:

1. Check Server Status

If the Midjourney servers are down, your prompts won’t process, leading to the “Midjourney waiting to start” error. Verify the server status on the Midjourney Website.

2. Cancel Stuck Prompts

If the servers are up but your prompt is stuck, try canceling it. React to the prompt with the red X emoji in the Discord app. After canceling, you can try generating the prompt again.

3. Restart Your Computer and Discord App

Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the “Midjourney waiting to start” error. Reboot both your computer and Discord app, then attempt to generate the prompt again.

4. Reach Out to Midjourney Support

If the error persists after trying the above steps, contact Midjourney Support for assistance. They can help identify and address the issue.

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Q. Why is my Midjourney waiting to start?

Midjourney waiting to start is a temporary error that users get’s at the time of using the platform.

Q. How long is the wait for Midjourney?

You should wait 30-60 minutes and then recheck if the error is resolved or not.

Q. What to do when Midjourney gets stuck?

There are few things you should do like checking server status, cancelling stuck prompt, and restart discord and device when your Midjourney gets stuck.


Midjourney’s ability to translate imagination into visuals is a remarkable journey. The occasional “Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start” error is a mere part of this journey, reminding us that progress comes with occasional hitches.


As Midjourney refines its service, it reflects the commitment to enhancing user experiences. So, the next time you encounter the “Midjourney Stuck On Waiting To Start” error, rest assured that you hold the key to swiftly overcome it and unlock the remarkable creative potential that Midjourney offers.


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