Mario AI Chat: What is Mario AI Chat & How to use it?

Do you remember Mario, the Red Plumber? I bet you still remember this famous video game character! You will be happy to know that, you now can chat with Mario With the help of Mario AI Chat. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Language Models, it is now possible to chat with this funny game character!

Mario AI Chat

The Mario AI Chat is an AI powered ChatBot that is based on the Mario, a video game character. For using the Mario AI Chat, You can use Character AI, Miniapps & RizzChat.

In this article, I will tell you how you can chat with Mario with the Help of AI, whether you can use the AI, is it free of cost or not, in short, everything is going to be covered. So, without wasting any time, let’s proceed!

What is the Mario AI Chat?

Before knowing what Mario AI chat is, it’s important to know what is Mario. Mario is a popular video game character who is a red plumber in Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is the main hero in the Video game who defeats Bowser and saves Princess Peach many times. Mario is also a very fun character in Mushroom Kingdom.


Now, the Mario AI Chat is the AI-powered character that has been built by replicating this video game character. So, when you talk with this AI chat model, you can ask anything about Mario, the Kingdom of Mushroom, about Princess Peach, the bowser. In short, if you want to talk with Mario, to have a little bit of fun then, it’s possible.


Especially, if you are a fan of Mario, the red Plumber then, this is going to be a dream for you to talk with your favorite character. Below this article, we have told you how you can chat with Mario. And, you will get the ChatBot for free!

How To Use Mario AI Chat?

We have found the top 3 ways to use Mario AI Chat after done the research for you. These are Character AI, Miniapps, and RizzChat. Let’s have a look at how you can use Mario AI Chat with the help of these platforms:

1. Using Character AI

Mario AI Chat
Mario AI Chat

The first Platform that you can use for using Mario AI Chat is Character AI. The Character AI is one of the biggest and most trustworthy AI Chatting Platforms where you can chat with many different characters. In fact, you can also make your own character.


In Character AI, you will be able to chat with the Mario AI. To use the Mario AI you will have to go to Character AI and then search for ”Mario”. Or, you can directly go to the Mario AI by this Character AI Mario link. Now, you can directly chat with your favorite video game character!

2. Using Miniapps

Mario AI Chat
Mario AI Chat

You can also use the Miniapps, an alternative platform like Character AI. It is also an AI chatbot platform where users can chat with many characters. This platform has a chatbot that is designed and built with the characteristics of Mario.


To use the Mario AI Chat in MiniApps, go to the MiniApps Mario and you will be directly on the Mario AI Chat page. Now, you can chat with Mario, the plumber and Hero of Mushroom Kingdom!

3. Using RizzChat

Mario AI Chat
Mario AI Chat

Last but not least, you can also use RizzChat, a popular AI chatting platform. The character has been built by @dominic. A big shout-out to the creator of this character.


To use this Mario AI Chat, you will have to go to the RizzChat official website. Go to RizzGPT and then search for ”Mario”. Now, click on the Mario Character. You can also go to this link for direct entry to the Mario AI. Now, you will have to sign in and you will be good to go!


Q. What is the Mario AI?

The Mario AI is an AI-powered chatbot that is built on the basis of Mario, a popular video game character.

Q. What is the website with Mario AI?

The AI chatting websites that have Mario AI are Character AI, RizzChat, Miniapps, etc.

Q. Where can I talk with Mario AI?

You can talk with Mario AI for free in Character AI, RizzChat, and in Miniapps.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Mario AI Chat is an AI-powered character that has been built by replicating Mario, a video game character. You can use the Mario AI Chat by using Character AI, Miniapps, and RizzChat. Above this article, I have shown you the step-by-step guide on how you can use the Mario AI Chat.


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