How To Get Janitor AI Free?

Chatting with AI models like GPT-3, 3.5, and 4 is very interesting and amazing at the same time. Are you looking to use your own created AI character and chat with it? With the help of Janitor AI, you can do this easily. But, Is Janitor AI free? In this article, You will know how to get Janitor AI free of cost! So, continue reading…

How To Get Janitor AI Free

You can use Janitor AI free. For using Janitor AI free, you should create a account using email & password. And if you wants to create your own character then, Go ahead and create your character and activate it with OpenAI’s free API key!

What Is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a fully AI-powered platform that uses Artificial intelligence to reply to user’s queries. It is an amazing AI chatbot offering a lot of characters. Here you will create your own character as well. It is mostly popular for NSFW support. Yes, Janitor AI supports NSFW chat. Whereas other chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, etc. are only SFW. You can create your own character within minutes with the help of a API key and make conversations!

Is Janitor AI Free?

Yes, Janitor AI is Free. You can create an account for free. But, In order to have a conversation with your created character you will have to use an API that can be free or paid. If you want to get a free API key then, you should use Kobold AI. Or, if you want to get an API key from OpenAI, it will cost money.

How To Get Janitor AI Free?

To get Janitor AI free, you should get the API key of Janitor AI for free. But, before that, you should create an account in Janitor AI. Follow these steps to Get Janitor AI Free:


Account Creation and Using Janitor AI Free:

  • Go to Janitor AI.
  • Then, Click on ”Register”.
  • Now, Give your Email Address and Password.
  • Now, an E-mail with confirmation code will send. Confirm it.
  • You can also use Google Account or Discord.
  • Now, Your Account Will be Created.
  • Now, you can chat with any character you want available in Janitor AI.
  • You will get 500 messages in each character for free!

Creating Janitor AI Free Character:

  • Log in to Janitor AI using email and password.
  • After Login You will see ”Create Character” in the top right corner. Click on it.
  • Now, Set up the character by giving name, Avatar, Description, SFW/NSFW. 
  • Now, Click on Create Character.
  • Now, Your Own Character Will be ready.

Creating Free API to Activate Janitor AI Character:

  • Go to OpenAI API.
  • Create Account and Log in.
  • Now look for ”API section”.
  • Then, Generate a new API key.
  • Copy Your API key and save to Notepads.
  • This API Key is free for $5 worth token.

Setup API to Activate Janitor AI Character:

  • Log in and go to Your Character in Janitor AI.
  • Click on Chat.
  • Now, In the top right corner, you will see a red-labeled text saying, ”API Not Ready – Click to setup”.
  • In the API section, select OpenAI.
  • Then, Pate the API key in the ”OpenAI Key” section and check it.
  • Now, click on save settings.

That’s it. You now have Janitor AI Free of cost with the help of OpenAI free API key. You can also use other API key service like kobold AI. But, using OpenAI API key is the most safe and secured!


Q. Can I use Janitor AI for free?

Yes, You can use Janitor AI for free. Just go to the Janitor AI official website and create your account using email and password. That’s it!

Q. Does Janitor AI have a limit?

Yes, Janitor AI have limit. One of the limit of Janitor AI is it will will give maximum 1o00 tokens per response.

Q. Does Janitor AI allow NSFW?

Yes, Janitor AI allow NSFW. NSFW means Not Safe For Work.


In conclusion, If you are wondering. ”Is Janitor AI Free?”, ”How to get Janitor AI free?” then, in this article above, We have answered it all for you. We have also showed you how you can activate and use your own Character for free!


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