How to Use Leonardo AI

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized various fields, and the realm of art is no exception. Leonardo AI emerges as a powerhouse in the AI art scene, offering a Midjourney alternative that’s capturing attention.

How to Use Leonardo AI

Delving into the world of AI-generated art has never been easier, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to harness the capabilities of Leonardo AI to create stunning images.

Introduction to Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an advanced AI tool designed to generate captivating AI art. From game assets to abstract compositions, its versatility knows no bounds. 


The best part? Leonardo AI caters to both casual users and more intense creators, offering a freemium service that grants 150 daily image generation credits. 


This balance allows you to produce a myriad of images, all while exploring the depths of your imagination.

Advantages Over Midjourney

In the vast landscape of AI image generators, Leonardo AI shines. It outperforms competitors like Midjourney, boasting an array of AI-powered features that enhance the creative process.


With a diverse suite of capabilities, Leonardo AI empowers artists, designers, and enthusiasts to craft remarkable visuals

Getting Started with Leonardo AI

To dive into the world of Leonardo AI, follow these steps:


  1. Join the Waitlist: Head to the Leonardo AI website and create an account. You can expedite the process by joining their Discord channel or Facebook group.

  2. Whitelist Access: Once whitelisted, sign up using the approved email.

  3. Initial Sign-In: Log in to your Leonardo AI account, and you’ll be granted 150 image generation credits.

Creating Images with Leonardo AI

Once you’re in, the possibilities are endless:


  1. Navigate the Interface: Familiarize yourself with the interface, which offers an array of tools and options.
  2. AI Image Generation: Click on “AI Image Generation” in the left panel. Provide a prompt, toggle negative prompts, choose an image generation model, and hit “Generate.”
  3. Image Manipulation: Beyond generation, Leonardo AI offers image editing tools like in-painting and object removal.

Navigating Leonardo AI: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re new to Leonardo AI, follow these steps to navigate the platform:


  1. Join Early Access: Begin by signing up on the Leonardo AI website and joining their Discord community.

  2. Language Selection: Join language-specific channels and access the “priority-early-access” channel.

  3. Whitelisting and Registration: Complete the whitelisting form, follow instructions in the email, and create your account.

  4. Exploring Features: After logging in, explore a plethora of tools and options available in the sidebar.

  5. Editing and Creating Images: Whether it’s editing existing images, creating new ones, or experimenting with different styles, Leonardo AI offers intuitive tools for various tasks.

Crafting with AI Canvas and Custom Models

Utilize the AI Canvas feature to combine images, add backgrounds, and experiment with different parameters. You can also train your custom machine learning models, tailoring AI to your creative vision. If you’re seeking alternatives, options like Adobe Firefly, Canva AI, and DALL_E provide comparable functionality.


Leonardo AI empowers artists and enthusiasts alike to create captivating AI-generated images. With its accessible features, user-friendly interface, and a host of capabilities, it’s no wonder that Leonardo AI is emerging as a top choice for AI art creation.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Leonardo AI welcomes you to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and innovation.


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