How To Use Canva ChatGPT Plugin?

ChatGPT is adding various types of features to its platform to make it more useful for its users. OpenAI has added a Plugin feature for ChatGPT Plus earlier. Now, they have released Canva ChatGPT Plugin that is only available for ChatGPT Plus users! But, do you know, How To Use Canva ChatGPT Plugin?

How To Use Canva ChatGPT Plugin?

Canva ChatGPT Plugin is an add-on feature only for ChatGPT Plus which intigrate Canva’s features with ChatGPT! You can use Canva ChatGPT Plugin by going to ChatGPT Plus > GPT-4 > Plugin Store > Search Canva > Install > Now, Use it!

In this complete guide article, We are going to talk about everything you need to know about Canva ChatGPT Plugin. From what is it to how to use it, everything will be covered. So, if you are interesed in it, consider continue reading!

What Is ChatGPT Canva Plugin?

ChatGPT, an AI-powered ChatBot that was released earlier in 2022 is now capturing the AI chatbot market with a storm. The OpenAI team is continuously working on making the platform more useful, more user-friendly.


They have introduced a plugin feature in ChatGPT Plus earlier which gives a Plus user to use ChatGPT with more ease. One of these plugins is Canva.


When installed, a ChatGPT Plus member can generate images by giving ChatGPT simple prompts. Yes, you can do anything you can do in Canva by just giving simple commands to ChatGPT. That’s the magic!


Don’t worry about customizing. Because you will be able to customize your prompter images easily with the link provided by ChatGPT. If you are a ChatGPT Plus user then, we definitely recommend you to use it!

Why You Should Use ChatGPT Canva Plugin?

There are many reasons that can be highlighted as benefits of using ChatGPT Canva Plugin. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Create Designs Directly

With the help of the ChatGPT Canva Plugin, you will be able to create designs by giving prompts. And it’s Canva, one of the most popular online tools for designing. You can try by giving many prompts that you can image. And boom! the design will apear in front of you.

2. Customization Option

If you want to customize the design you can do it easily by clicking on the link, provided by ChatGPT’s response. You will not need any type of login or sign-up. You can just customize and save the design.

3. For Improving Creativity

You can be more creative by using this plugin. Let me explain. When we re normally using Canva, we think of a design, and then we art it. This takes time. If we don’t like it we move on to another design. But, if you use the plugin the design will appear within a flash. Without nay more time, you can put another prompt and get another design. This is how you get more time to be creative with ChatGPT Canva Plugin.

4. Time Saving

By using the ChatGPT Canva Plugin you will be saving a lot of time. Because without this plugin, you will have to go manually to and then create your design by your own. And this takes time, a lot of time.

5. Creating Logo By Prompt

Have you ever imagined that you could ever create a logo by giving a simple prompt? No, right? But, with the help of this plugin, you can create stunning logos within a moment. If it needs any customization go ahead and customize. That’s this much easy!

How To Install & Use ChatGPT Canva Plugin?

The first thing you should know before installing the ChatGPT Canva Plugin is, you should be a ChatGPT Plus member. It takes only $20/mo to get this subscription. Now, let’s see how you can install the ChatGPT Canva Plugin below:


  • Go to
  • Click on ”ChatGPT-4” then click on ”Plugins”.
  • Then, go to ”Plugin Store”.
  • Search ”Canva”.
  • Click on ”Install”.
  • Now, Make sure the plugin is enabled.

That’s it! Now, simply give your design prompt and the design will be ready!


Q. Does Canva integrate with ChatGPT?

Yes, Canva Integrate with ChatGPT. To integrate Canva with ChatGPT go to the plugins store in ChatGPT Plus > Search Canva > Install > Enable.

Q. Can you use ChatGPT to create content?

Yes, You can definitely use ChatGPT for creating content.

Q. What is the Canva plugin for ChatGPT?

The Canva ChatGPT Plugin is an add-on feature of ChatGPT Plus that enables ChatGPT users to use Canva by giving message prompts.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, ChatGPT Canva Plugin is a great add-on feature that can help you produce great, creative, and unique designs by giving simple prompts. In this article, I have already shown you how to use ChatGPT Canva Plugin. So, go ahead and use this amazing plugin!


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