How To Make Chat GPT Undetectable: 7 Secret Hacks!

ChatGPT is an amazing AI-powered chatbot that can be used for many purposes. You can use it for writing articles, writing professional CVs, writing codes, solving maths, asking questions, etc. But, there is one big problem that everyone faces which is, its detectability. Do you know, ‘How To Make Chat GPT Undetectable?‘. Don’t worry! We know how to do it and will tell you in this article!

How To Make Chat GPT Undetectable

To make Chat GPT undetectable, you should Command ChatGPT to write in simple words, Break long paragraphs, Remove robotic words, Include EEAT, Avoid Jargon words, Cite up-to-date references, and finally proofread your content.

In this complete article, We will share with you 7 secret hacks that you can use to make ChatGPT undetectable. If you can make ChatGPT written content undetectable, you will be able to save a lot of time, energy, and even money in your work. So, without any further do, let’s jump directly on to the ChatGPT Secret hacks!

How To Make Chat GPT Undetectable: 7 Secret Hacks

How To Make Chat GPT Undetectable
Wants to see something like this? Follow these secret tips!

Below, we have provided 7 of the best out of best secret hacks for making Chat GPT contents undetectable. Each of the methods has been tested by our experienced writing experts.


After using these secret methods, copy the response from ChatGPT and paste it into an AI detector such as ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Content AI Scale, etc. for checking. Now, let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Command Chat GPT to Write in Simple Words

To make Chat GPT undetectable, you will have to give ChatGPT command to write in simple words. Because, most of the time, ChatGPT uses complex words or some fancy words which get detected easily. But, in our research, when we commanded ChatGPT to write in a simple and human-like tone, we got some good results.


For commanding ChatGPT to write in simple words simply, mention ”Write in simple words with a human-like tone”. That’s it, the content that ChatGPT will now generate will be less AI detectable and more human-like.

2. Break up Long Paragraphs

ChatGPT always gives you long paragraphs. You can call it a characteristic of ChatGPT. But, this is a big no in the human-generated documents. So, if you see any long wordy paragraphs, make sure you break those paras into short lines. This will be helpful to make ChatGPT Undetectable.

3. Remove Any Robotic Words

ChatGPT almost, in every response uses some words that feels robotic. You can easily detect them if you just read the response for once. In the time of reading, if you find any word that feels robotic, replace the word. That’s it!

4. Include Your Personal Advise or Experience

ChatGPT is a chatbot platform. It can not provide any EEAT or personal advice by itself. But, in human written content, we share our personal experiences, advice, and other E-E-A-T things, just like what we are doing in this article. So, if you can, include E-E-A-T in the response. This will make the response more undetectable.

5. Cite up-to-date references

Citation is one of the biggest lacking in ChatGPT-generated content. This makes the ChatGPT contents detect mush easily. For this, make sure you cite up-to-date references to your content. This will make the content less AI detectable.

6. Avoid Jargon Words

If the content you generated by AI is included with Jargon words a lot then, this is a red alert for you. Because using excessive amount of Jargon words can make your content feel AI-generated. So, check them manually and use fewer Jargon words.

7. Proofread The Content

And the last but not the least, You will have to proofread your content carefully. Because this is the ultimate secret key of your Chat GPT written content to make it undetectable. Proofreading will also help you to rank in the Google search engine. So, it is a win-win!

Importance of Making Chat GPT Undetectable

As you are interested in making ChatGPT undetectable, you may already know the issues that can happen with Chat GPT Detectable content. Now, Let’s have a look at the importance of making Chat GPT undetectable below:

1. For Avoiding Low-Value Contents

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot platform that is in the initial stage. Though it has released the GPT version 4, it is still a new kid on the town. So, if you generat eocntents using Chat GPT, it will be low valued contents. So, by making ChatGPT undetectable, you are getting out of the low-valued content trap.

2. For Avoiding AI Detectors

Contents that are written by ChatGPT are easily can be detected by any of the AI detectors in the market. If you are using this for your clients or for your own, it is easy to detect. So, to avoid any AI detectors its important to make it undetectable.

3. For Avoiding Plagiarism

ChatGPT uses its vast database to produce responses. It can not think or imagine beyond the database limit. This is why, it can give you plagiarized content. You can check your content for plagiarism with any plagiarism detector tool like Grammarly or Small SEO Tolls. So, to avoid the plagiarism issue, make the content undetectable.

4. For Not Slapped By Google Search Engine

If you publish contents that are created with AI like ChatGPT, it will not perform well in the search engines. Yes, AI content can rank in the Google search engine but, it has to match the human-written content. So, to not get slapped by Google search engines, you should make ChatGPT content undetectable.

5. To Maintain Credibility

To maintain credibility with your audience, you should make your content undetectable. Because, the content that is directly generated by AI chatbots such as Chat GPT, can not maintain credibility. So, by making content AI undetectable, your content will be more accepted by the audience.

How ChatGPT Gets Detected By AI Detectors

Now, there might be a question in your mind that how do AI detectors detect ChatGPT? Well, the process of detecting AI-generated contents are very easy for AI detectors. Let’s understand this!


ChatGPT and other AI writing platforms or chatbots maintain a common pattern while giving responses. These patterns are similar to every user’s responses. By tracking down these patterns, the AI detectors words. But, if you can change the pattern of the responses manually, the content will be AI-free and AI-undetectable.


Q. Can it be detected if you use ChatGPT?

Yes, It can be detected if you use ChatGPT. Some of the popular AI detector tools are ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Writer, etc.

Q. Is ChatGPT 4 undetectable?

No, ChatGPT 4 is not undetectable. The ChatGPT 4 can be detected by any of the AI Detector platforms such as ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Writer, etc.

Q. Is there a bot that can detect ChatGPT?

Yes, there is a bot that can detect ChatGPT. In fact, there is more than one bot that can detect ChatGPT. Such as ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Writer, etc.


In conclusion, If you are looking to learn How To Make Chat GPT Undetectable? Then, this article has already answered your question above. You can use methods such as Commanding ChatGPT to write in simple words, Breaking long paragraphs, Removing robotic words, etc. to make it undetectable. But, We recommend you write content on your own or hire a content writer. AI platforms can help you to do the research for your content perfectly, for now!


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