How To Delete Picsart Video Files On Android

PicsArt, the go-to app for unleashing your creativity on Android, isn’t just about editing photos. It’s also a powerful tool for creating and enhancing videos right from your phone. But here’s the catch: those cool videos can hog up your storage space.

How To Delete Picsart Video Files On Android

This guide breaks down How To Delete Picsart Video Files On Android, ensuring your phone stays snappy and your digital space stays tidy.

Getting to Know PicsArt Video Files:

Think of PicsArt as a magic wand for both photos and videos. While it’s awesome, it’s easy to end up with a bunch of videos eating away at your phone’s storage. We’ll help you tidy that up.

How To Delete Picsart Video Files On Android

Step One: Locating Your Video Stash

To start, find those video files you want to delete. Follow these steps:


  • Open the File Manager app on your Android phone.
  • Look for the ‘PicsArt’ folder. That’s where your video projects hang out.
  • Inside ‘PicsArt,’ you’ll spot a ‘Videos’ or ‘Video Projects’ section. This is where your PicsArt video files stays.

Step Two: Delete Picsart Video Files

Once you’ve located the videos you’re ready to part with, follow these straightforward steps for deleting video files:


  • Open your File Manager and dive into the ‘PicsArt’ folder.
  • Tap and hold on a video you’re ready to wave goodbye to. A checkmark will be added next to the video file.
  • If you’re looking to delete multiple files, use the checkboxes to select multiple videos at once.
  • Give that delete icon a tap. It’s time to say farewell.
  • Confirm that you want these videos gone for good.

No Second Chances: Trash It!

To make sure these videos don’t sneak back, empty the virtual trash can:


  • Find your way to the Trash or Recycle Bin on your Android device.
  • Choose the ‘Empty’ or ‘Delete All’ button. Time to make a clean sweep.
  • Confirm the action, making sure those videos are never coming back.

Why Bother Clearing Out PicsArt Video Files?

It is a good step to take. Becase by clearing out video file:


  • You’ll have more space for new stuff on your Android.
  • Your phone will feel zippier, responding faster to your commands.
  • Organizing your digital space means smoother creative sessions ahead.


Getting a grip on your PicsArt video files is like tidying up your room—makes everything feel fresh and ready for action. By sticking to the steps outlined here, you can effortlessly toss out videos you don’t need anymore, giving your Android a breath of fresh air. So keep your digital playground organized and enjoy your creativity without any storage worries.


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