How To Bypass Character AI Filter?

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, the name Character AI is not unknown. It is known for its brilliant language processing power in human-like tone. However, there are restrictions of using Character AI. But, do you ever wondered ”How To Bypass Character AI Filter?”

How To Bypass Character AI Filter

You can bypass Character AI Filter by adding extra space in between NSFW words, by Roleplaying, by using spacing, by using alternative words, etc.

In this article, we are going to tell you what is Character AI, Why you should or should not bypass the AI NFSW filter, and finally what are the ways to bypass the Character AI NFSW filter. So, if you find it interesting, stick with it!

What Is Character AI?

Character AI is an AI-powered chatbot that can generate human-like responses according to the user’s query. It uses NPL to understand, respond, and improve its platform. Now, you may think that Character AI is similar to ChatGPT. But, you are wrong.


The Character AI is not the exact same. The main difference between Character AI  is in Character AI you can actually create A character as you desire. So, you can create any model of anyone and chat with it.

What Is Character AI Filter?

Character AI is a great and safe platform that you can use. But, like any other chatbot, this also has some restrictions. You can not ask anything and for everything on it. There are some words, some matters that the engineers of this masterpiece have blocked from responding. These are happening because of NSFW filtering.


The NSFW(Not Safe For Work) includes crimes, sexual language, irrelevant words, dangerous matters, etc But, why should or should not you bypass this filter? Let’s understand.


First of all, if you are a normal user then it is not recommended to use NSFW filtering. But, if you want to understand the capability of this AI chatbot and do in-depth research about its algorithm then, you should bypass the NSFW filter. This way,  you will get a lot more control over this chatbot.

How To Bypass Character AI Filter?

You can bypass the NSFW filters by using some tricks and tips. Now, let’s have a look at these methods you can use to Bypass Character AI filters.

1. By Adding Extra Space

Character AI understands if you are asking for any NSFW responses by recognizing the NSFW word you put in the query. So, if you put extra space in between the NSFW words, it will bypass the Character AI filter. Because, the algorithm does not understand any words, instead it just matches the NSFW words and refuse to give response.

2. By Roleplaying

You can also use the tricks of roleplaying to bypass the Character AI NSFW filters. When you are about to ask anything NSFW you should not ask directly. You should build a story around it and give a detailed prompt so that the NFSW filter does not caught you on that.

3. By Using Spacing

Using spacing can help you to get bypassed from Character AI filters. Because, by giving space in between NSFW words you are bypassing the NSFW words set by the developer team of Character AI. This is one of the easest way to bypass the filters in this chatbot.

4. By Using Alternative Words

The Character AI catches certain words, and lines as NSFW words and refuses to give any responses on that. What if you change the words and use alternative safer safer-looking words? That’s right, it will not detect them as NSFW and you can bypass the filter by doing so. So instead of using NFSW words, you should be looking to use the nearest but safer alternative words. This will do the trick!


Q. Can you turn off the NSFW filter on Character AI?

No, there are no such options or buttons to turn off the NSFW. But, you can turn off the NSFW filter on Character AI by using some tricks such as adding space between NSFW words, Roleplaying, using alternative words, etc.

Q. What words can you use to bypass Character AI filter?

There are no specific words you can use to bypass the Character AI filter. But, you can give spacing in between NSFW words or use alternative words to bypass the NSFW filter!

Q. Is there a NSFW version of Character AI?

No, there is no NSFW version of Character AI. But, you can bypass the NSFW filter by adding space between words, using alternative words, or roleplaying the prompt.


In conclusion, If you are looking for the answer to ”How To Bypass Character AI Filter?” then this article will give you much more than the answer. Because, we have covered why you should or should not do the bypassing, along with how to do the Character AI bypassing. But, if you are a regular user of this amazing chatbot, then it is better to not do the bypassing and follow the rules and regulations.


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