How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, the use of AI-generated content has led to worries about academic integrity. To tackle this, Turnitin, a well-known plagiarism detection tool, has updated its capabilities to identify AI-generated content like that produced by ChatGPT. But, How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

In this article, we will look at What is Turnitin?,How it works & of couse, How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT? So, without any further do, Let’s get started!

What Is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a strong tool that schools use to check if students’ work is original. It’s like a big library of writing. It looks at what you write and compares it to everything in its library to see if there are any matches. If it finds something similar, it tells your teacher. Turnitin isn’t exactly smart like a human, but it’s good at finding similarities.


Imagine you have a puzzle piece and you want to see if it fits in your puzzle. Turnitin is like a super-fast puzzle solver. It checks all the pieces you give it and tells you if any look like pieces from other puzzles. This helps teachers make sure everyone is playing fair and not copying from others.


Now, Turnitin has gotten even better. It can also check if a AI platform like ChatGPT helped make writings. It has a special tool that can spot if a AI system has generated writings instead of a person. This matters because schools want to know if students are doing their own work or letting a computer do it. So, Turnitin is a AI writing detective that detects AI writing.

How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

Turnitin, the tool that checks for copying, has a new superpower. It can now tell if a piece of writing was done with the help of AI, like ChatGPT. This is a big deal because it helps teachers know if students are using AI to do their work.


Here’s how it works: Turnitin has a special AI detector, like a smart detective. This detector can spot AI-made content, and it’s really good at it – almost 98% of the time! This new trick came out in April 2023. When a student submits their work, Turnitin’s detector looks at it closely to see if AI had a hand in it.


The detector adds this information to something called the Similarity Report. This report shows how likely it is that the writing was done by AI. This is useful for teachers and school leaders to keep things fair.


But wait, only the important people, like teachers and school bosses, can see this report for now. They can look at the report to check if AI was involved in making the writing.


In simple words, Turnitin now has a cool tool that can find out if a student’s work used AI, like ChatGPT. This tool is part of a report that helps teachers and school leaders know if things are okay. Just remember, only the important folks can see this special report for now.

Can universities detect Chat GPT?

Absolutely, universities can now detect ChatGPT-generated content using Turnitin’s AI writing indicator. Thanks to Turnitin’s smart technology, educators can distinguish between text created by humans and that generated by AI like ChatGPT. This advancement helps universities ensure that the work submitted is genuine and follows their standards of honesty in academics.


Q. Has anyone been caught using ChatGPT?

Yes, There have been cases where teachers noticed the utilization of ChatGPT-made content.

Q. How can instructors detect the use of ChatGPT?

Teachers can detect the use of ChatGPT by using popular ans accurate AI detector tools like, ZeroGPT, etc. Apart from that, Teachers can look closely at the way the writing sounds, the kind of language used, and the overall style for detecting AI.


In today’s world, where technology is changing education, Turnitin’s ability to spot ChatGPT-made content is a big move to keep education honest. With AI detection, schools can find AI-made work and make sure students are truly learning. Above we have talked about How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?.


Even though AI tools like ChatGPT are handy, students need to understand the ethics and use their own thinking to do well in their studies.


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