How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT is an AI tool, Helps people to make human-like conversations. It is a master to answer any questions you input. After being released, it’s getting millions of traffic means users to openAi’s website to use it.

How Does ChatGPT Work?
How Does ChatGPT Work?

The ChatGPT is not only capable to answer but also can do a lot of different things like writing emails, resumes, letters, stories, solving math problems, solving complex answers, and explaining a complex topic in an easy way. These are just a few of them. The full capability of this Ai chatbot is way more than that.


ChatGPT is made with GPT-3.5 Artictectures by OpenAI. But, How does ChatGPT work? What is behind of scenes of ChatGPT? We have keep it easy to understand for you. So, Without further do, Let’s find out!

How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT works by understanding users’ queries and delivering words that might suit the best for that query using its vast database. This database is so strong that we hardly find it wrong and irrelevant. It breaks down a sentence into words and tries to deliver according to its AI. The technology it uses to break down words is called tokenization.


The First version of ChatGPT, GPT-3 has almost 500 billion tokens to help its AI to understand what we have searched and what to answer to us. These tokens came from data scrapping from the internet, books, articles, research papers, etc just to come closer to human knowledge.


In addition, To make ChatGPT’s response more accurate this AI uses reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF). This means, ChatGPT uses our feedback and uses it to refine its responses.


Below, We have listed some of the questions and answers which will help you ever more on How Does ChatGPT Work?

What Type of Algorithm ChatGPT Use?

The ChatGPT uses Artitecture 3.5, a transformer-based deep learning algorithm to operate. ChatGPT also uses Machine learning and genetic algorithm for operating better.

How does ChatGPT get its data?

ChatGPT, an AI ChatBot build on Artitecture-3.5 by OpenAI, gets its data from web scraping. It uses books, the internet, novels, articles, etc. Other than that, it uses Reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF)  to improve and understand human queries even more so that it can more human-like responces.

Does ChatGPT learn from users?

ChatGPT also learns from its users for enhancing its database. It understands what type of query people are searching for, what response we are not accepting, and clicks ”regenerate response”, what type of answers we are liking, etc.

Does ChatGPT give the same answer to everyone?

ChatGPT does not give the same word-to-word answer to everyone. It will flip its response from person to person and generate its response. Though the core element of its answer will remain the same for the same query.

Does ChatGPT have memory?

ChatGPT stores users’ queries to help it for enhancing better conversations. It kinda remembers almost 12000 words you input and its responses. After analyzing it takes to its database only of those which are necessary. So,Yes, ChatGPT have memory.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

The main limitation of ChatGPT is it’s not connected to direct internet. This is why it can’t collect the latest happenings on the planet. If you ask a query on a latest topic it will not give you an answer. Other than that, as a chatbot not every piece of information is going to be correct and relevant. Sometimes, it does mistakes in data. You should definitely double-check before you take any decision by its response.

Can ChatGPT analyze data?

Yes, ChatGPT can analyze data and implement its Chat Ai for a better user experience. But, it analyzes data of relevant topics only.

Does ChatGPT use the internet?

According to this article from Search Engine Journal, There is now a plugin that connects ChatGPT to the internet and unleashes its power to the fullest. But, before, As per OpenAI, ChatGPT was not connected to the internet direct internet for data input.

How much data was ChatGPT trained on?

Around 570 GB of data was ChatGPT trained on. This, huge amount of data was scrapped, and sources from Wikipedia, books, novels, articles, etc.


ChatGPT helps to make our life easy. It is easy to use and understand for us. But, the backend is so complex, and takes hard work for the OpenAI startup company to build it. In short, it uses its Architecture-3.5 Algorithm and RLHF to work.


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