What is Giga Chat: Everything You Need to Know

ChatGPT is one of the leading ai powered chatbot platforms now. But, there are some other platforms as well that are creating the same as ChatGPT. Giga Chat is one of them. This is also an ai powered platform that uses NLP to understand a prompt and reply according to it.

Giga Chat

GigaChat is yet in prototype mode. Meaning it is not fully available to users to use this platform. But, soon it will be available to everyone across the globe. But, is it a competitor of ChatGPT? Let’s find its functions, uses, and backend to understand it more easily.

What is Giga Chat?

Gigs Chat is an AI-powered chatbot platform that has been developed by Sberbank a Russian company. The main work of this platform is to act like an ai chatbot. Yes, it acts similarly to ChatGPT.


You can say it is a direct competitor of ChatGPT like Google Bars, Chatsonic, Hugging Chat, etc. You can ask Giga Chat questions about any topic you wish and it will respond according to its algorithm.

How Giga Chat Works?

Giga Chat is developed by a Russian company. This also used artificial intelligence for work. The ai uses Natural language processing (NLP) to understand the user’s query and give a response according to it.


Giga Chat Uses user’s data to improve its overall performance. Apart from that, Giga Chat uses scrapped data like data from articles, Wikipedias, magazines, etc to improve its vast knowledge base.


After a query is submitted, this platform analyzes the query and forms sentences that can be most suitable and gives a response.

ChatGPT vs Giga Chat

ChatGPT and Giga Chat Primarily serve the same to its users. Both of them are AI-powered chatbots that respond according to their users. But, what makes Giga Chat different?


Well, Giga chat is primarily created by thinking of Russians. As a result, Generating responses in the Russian language is more accurate than ChatGPT.


So, if you are a Russian or want to get output in the Russian language then Giga Chat is going to be better for you. Other than that, Giga Chat is an upcoming thing with the most powerful intelligence. You can surely give it a shot!

Uses of Giga Chat

There are a lot of places where Giga Chat can be used. Such as for writing articles, creating ideas, making resumes, etc. Some of them are described below:

1. For Writing

You can use Giga Chat for writing. You will get the most accurate and powerful, catchy writing in the Russian language than any other platform. So, if you are willing to write something you can use this platform, especially, Russian.

2. For Creating Ideas

As it acts as an ai powered chatbot, you can ask it to generate content ideas like ChatGPT. It will give you the most relevant and catchy content ideas within a moment.

3. For Understanding Complex topic in Easy Words

Giga Chat be also used as an explainer. This means you can understand a complex topic easily by giving it a command to explain in easy words. This is going to be helpful for those who are unable to memorize anything without understanding.

4. For Creating Resumes

You can also create your professional CV, Resume with the help of this ai powered chatbot. This can give you the best resume according to your skills. But, before using the resume, make sure that every piece of information is correct by rechecking.


Q. Is there any free AI chat?

Yes, there are a lot of free AI chats available. In fact, the most of AI chats are free. Such as ChatGPT, ChatSonic, Giga Chat, Google Bars, etc.

Q. Are AI chats safe?

Yes, AI chats are safe to use. Most AI chatbot does care about privacy policy very well and does not sell any user information.

Q. What is the most powerful chat AI?

ChatGPT is the most powerful chat AI. It is the most advanced and latest AI chatbot till now,


In conclusion, Giga Chat is the new upcoming Chatbot platform developed by Russians. We recommend you use it if you are willing to get responses in the Russian language. Because it works best with that language.


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