Genmo AI: What Is It, Features, How To Use, Pricing

Artificial Intelligence is making our daily lives easier. Now, we can get any information much faster with the help of ChatGPT, generate images with the help of Midjourney, transform text into audio using VALL-E, etc. One such AI platform is Genmo AI.

Genmo AI

Genmo AI is an Artificial intelligence-powered tool that can generate AI Videos, Images, 3D Objects, and Animations from text prompts. You can use it by going to its official website at It is free to use.

In this article, We will talk about everything you need to know about the Genmo AI. Like, what is it, how to use it, its features, etc. So, without any further do, let’s get started!

What Is Genmo AI?

Genmo AI is an AI-powered platform that can generate amazing 3D Videos, AI Images, AI Videos, Animations, etc. It uses the combination of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Matching Learning) to create high-quality responses.


In Genmo AI, you can easily create a 3D object by giving simple text prompts. It does not take more than a minute usually. All you have to to go and create your desired AI image.


Especially, if you are a VFX artist or want to learn 3D object making then, this is going to be so useful for you. However, this is a new AI so it still has a lot of room for improvement. For example, You can only generate 4 seconds of video at once!

Key Features Of Genmo AI

There are many key features of Genmo AI that may attract you. Below, we have picked up top five key features of this AI platform:

1. AI Powered Video Creation

The Genmo AI is especially popular for its capability to generate AI-powered videos. This is absolutely crazy. We have tried it on our own and found the results are crazy. Currently, you can only generate 4 seconds of video per prompt.

2. AI Powered Image Creation

The Genmo AI also provides the feature of creating AI image creation. So, like any other AI Image creator, you can now use Genmo AI to create stunning AI art. The image quality is top-notch.

3. High Quality Output

The output quality of Genmo AI is absolutely brilliant. Specially for AI  images. The Quality of AI videos is not that much good. But, as the days pass, the AI will improve and the quality will also improve from now.

4. 3D Object Creation

You can also create 3D objects by using the Genmo AI. It can be a really helpful feature for VFX artists. You can also upload an image which will help the AI to create a 3D object.

5. Affordable Pricing

The Genmo AI is basically free. But, there is one paid plan as well. The Paid plan is very affordable as it will cost only $10 per month. Apart from that, the user-friendly interface, customization, etc are also key features.

How To Use Genmo AI?

Genmo AI

You can use the Genmo AI by signing up for a free account. To sign up, you can use your Discord account or Google account. Let’s see how you can do it step-by-step:


  • Go to Genmo AI.
  • Click on ”Login” at the bottom-left side.
  • Now, Choose from Discord or a Google account.
  • Give permission from the app.
  • After that, you are done signing up.

That’s it! You now can create AI videos, Images, 3D objects, etc. with the help of text prompts. Just enter a prompt and click submit!

Genmo AI Pricing Plans

Genmo AI Pricing

The Genmo AI is free to use. In the free account, you will get 100 daily fuels. But, there will be limitations such as watermark on creation, CC-BY-NC, etc.


But, if you purchase the (Turbo Mode) premium plan then you will get 1000 daily fuels, watermark-free creations, early access to newer models, etc. Turbo Mode will cost you only $10 per month.


Q. Is Genmo AI free?

Yes, Genmo AI is free to use. But, with a limited feature. but, to get the unlimited feature, you will have to purchase their paid plan.

Q. Is Genmo AI safe?

Yes, Genmo AI is safe to use. The Genmo AI creator keeps your personal prompts and prompted output safe and secure.

Q. How to use Genmo?

You can use Genmo AI by going to You can sign up with the Discord server or Email. Choose one of them and sign up using it. After signing up, you can use it.


In conclusion, Genmo AI is an AI-powered platform that can generate 3D objects, AI Videos, Images, Animations, etc. only by giving text prompts. It is a revolution in the AI industry. You can sign up for it either by using Discord or by using your email address. It is free to use, so you can give it a try!


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