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Artificial Intelligence, AI is now making our life a lot easier by saving tons of hours. When I was in an institution, I had to do my presentation by spending hours and hours of time. But, now the time I am writing this article, there is an AI-powered app called Gamma App that can help you save a lot of hours to do that! Isn’t this a ”make my life easy” tool?

Gamma App

Gamma App is an AI-Powered Presentetion tool that allows you to create amazing presentations with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Now, Forget about spending hours of time for presentetion by using

In this article, I will tell you literally everything you need to know about this amazing presentation app. You will know, What is Gamma app? How does the Gamma app works? Key features of Gamma App, How to use Gamma app? And some frequently asked QNAs. So, if you are interested to know about this presentation platform then, stick with this article!

What is Gamma app?

Gamma App is an AI-powered Presentation tool that allows you to create amazing presentations within a moment. You can also make changes in slides, texts, and images, according to your taste! It also has a feature called one-click polish which is very effective in the time of making AI presentations.


You can make the presentation more alive by adding GIFs, YouTube videos, Clips, etc. So, you will get more quality by spending less time. You can choose from presentation templates which makes it more faster to create presentations.

How does Gamma app work?

The Gamma App uses Artificial Intelligence to create necessary texts according to the presentation topics. It uses GPT-like modes to generate text. You can get started with pre-built presentation slides that are also made by AI.


For creating related images for presentation, Gamma App also uses AI-powered Image models. You may heard of Midjourney AI, Leonardo AI Image generators, etc. The Gamma App uses these kinds of AI image generators for creating Images.


As a user, You can give it certain prompts to customize the presentation as you want. You can change texts, Images, Add images on your own, and Change sides. Overall, the Gamma App gives you full control over the presentation.

Features of Gamma App

There are a lot of features in the Gamma App. Here are some of the Features listed that may attract you to use it:

1. AI-Powered Presentation

The first feature that might attract you to use the Gamma App is, it’s AI-powered! That’s a new thing, right? As AI is giving surprise after surprise, it is not sitting on the corner for creating amazing presentations!

2. Time Saving Experience

Making a quality presentation always takes time. You can not deny that. But, with the help of Gamma App, you will save a lot of time. You will have to spend time only to customize the presentation according to you. That’s it!

3. One-Click Polish

After creating an AI presentation using the Gamma App, you will also be able to polish the presentation with just one click! So, there is nothing to worry about if the presentation is not made according to your wish. It’s just a matter of one click to polish.

4. Pre-Build Templates

You will not have to worry about the template on Gamma App. There are a lot of pre-build templates ready to use. Just pick one and your presentation wil be ready!

5. Great User Interface

Using the Gamma App is very easy. The developers of Gamma App have made the platform too easy to understand and use. So, there will be no issue in understanding how to deal with Gamma App.

How to Use Gamma App?

To use the Gamma App, you will have to sign up for it. Without signing up you will not be able to use the Gamma App. To sign up, Follow the steps below:


  • Go to Gamma App.
  • Then Click on ”Sign Up For Free”.
  • You can sign up using your Google Account or Email. If you choose Google account, Just click on it and give the password. You will be signed up.
  • If you want to use an email account then, give your email address in the box and click on ”Continue With Email”.
  • Now, An email from Gamma App will be sent to your mailbox. Open Your Mailbox.
  • Click on ”Verify Your Email Address”.
  • Now, Give Name and a strong password. Then, Continue.


That’s it! Your Gamma App will be successfully signed up. Now, use this email and password to log in to Now, You can use the Gamma App for making great presentations!

Is Gamma app free?

Yes, The Gamma App is free to try. In the free version, You will be able to get features like unlimited users, 400 credits for AI decks, Customizable themes, Built-in templates, etc. For more check the Gamma App Pricing.


Q. What is Gamma app AI?

The Gamma App AI is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform that allows you to create amazing presentations with the help of AI.

Q. Is Gamma app safe?

Yes, Gamma App is a safe AI presentation maker platform.

Q. Is Gamma app good?

Yes, Gamma App is a very good AI-powered platform to create stunning presentations in no time.


In conclusion, the Gamma App is a new handy tool for a person who creates a lot of presentations. It will save a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is just customize the presentation according to your taste. That’s it!


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