Eleven Labs AI: How To Use, Pricing, & Benefits!

Artificial intelligence is taking charge of many tasks such as answering short questions, creating ideas, coding, solving complex questions, etc. Why not text converting? Yes, Using Eleven Labs AI now you can also convert text to voice within a moment. How? Let’s find out!


Eleven Labs ai works as a text-to-voice converter and this works with artificial intelligence. You can also use some clone voices as well. You can use Popular celebrities like Elon Musk, and others voice when converting.


Isn’t that great? Yes, you can use Google text-to-speech translator but these feel robotic whereas voices generated by eleven labs ai feels more realistic and impressive.

What is Eleven Labs AI?

Eleven Labs AI is basically a text-to-speech converter. This uses artificial intelligence to work. You can set the voice tone, change the pitch, and add mode to your speech.


You can also generate the voices of some popular online celebrities, businessmen, influencers, etc. This ai model is the best if you are willing to convert your texts to speech.

Is ElevenLabs free?

ElevenLabs AI is not a free platform. It is a freemium service. This means, Elevenlabs ai allows you to use their platform for trial for a certain period of time. After that time, you need to purchase certain plans to continue using this platform.


You will get 10000 words first to generate text-to-speech. But, after that, you need to purchase plans. The plans start from 5/mo offering 30000 words of conversion.

How To Use Eleven Labs AI?

For using Eleven Labs AI you need to sign up to their platform first. After that, you need to verify your email address and all. After you successfully sign up, you need to log in with yo passwords and login id. After that, you need to select an ai model you like. Then, you just copy and paste the words that you want to convert. That’s it! You will get the output in your preferred model. You can also change the tone, pitch, etc of the voices.

Benefits of Using Eleven Labs AI

AI is beneficial for us. Yes, for Eleven Labs AI, there is no difference. You can get so many benefits from using eleven labs ai. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

Text to Speech

The main purpose of this ai platform is to convert text to speech. You can do that with ease. But, why this platform? Well, first of all, this platform uses artificial intelligence. By using ai, this platform is giving you an opportunity to tase and research the capability of ai, the power of ai.


There is a Google text-to-speech translator as well. But, that does not give you the power of changing the tone, or pitch of the voice. Plus you will not get the voice cloning ability. But, with the help of eleven labs ai, you can do it with ease.


If you are willing to start a storytelling YouTube channel, this platform can help you with that as it generates realistic speeches using AI.

Clone Voices

You can use cloned voices in your speech while converting. This is amazing, isn’t it? You can now create speeches with the voice of your favorite person. Well, this is only possible with the ai. If you are interested in it then, you are surely going to love this platform.

Most Realistic Voices

Using Google or other text-to-voice generators is not delivering this much realistic voice. But, with the help of this ai voice generator, you can make realistic voices in no time. Plus, you can change the tone, pitch, and way of speech as well. So, you can get however you want in voices.


Q. What is the best AI voice generator?

Till now, the best AI voice generator is Eleven Labs AI. But, there are some other impressive AI voice generators as well such as play.ht, speechelo, listnr, murf, etc.

Q. Is there anything better than ElevenLabs?

If you have tried eleven labs ai but still look for some other ai voice generators then you should use play.ht, speechelo, listnr, murf, etc. You cann’t say these better that elevenlabs ai but, these are quite similar to elevenlabs ai.

Q. Can I monetize YouTube videos with robot voice?

Yes, you can. You can use YouTube videos with robot voice. For that, you can use ai voice generation platforms.


In conclusion, Eleven Labs AI is the ultimate & fantastic ai tool that converts texts to voices. You can set up the tone, pitch and ways of speech. You can use it for many of your purpose.


We hope this article is helpful to you and gave some valuable information about eleven labs ai. Thank You for reading!


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