How To Fix: Conversation Not Found ChatGPT Error

You are giving commands to ChatGPT, and it is giving you its responses back. But, suddenly, it stops generating any response. Instead of generating responses, it’s saying, ‘Conversation not found ChatGPT.’ Did you face this situation? If yes, then this article will help you to get out of this issue.

Conversation Not Found ChatGPT Error

ChatGPT is a handy tool itself. We use it for doing our important work as it is easy to navigate and time-saving as well. But what if it gets any type of problem?


In this article, we are going to tell you why Conversation not Found ChatGPT happens and, most importantly, what are the fixes for Conversation not Found. So, without any further do let’s jump on to the article!

What does Conversation Not Found ChatGPT error means?

Conversation not found ChatGPT mainly happens due to signal cut between ChatGPT and user. This usually happens when the ChatGPT loses the signal from the user’s command.


It may also happen for submitting the wrong query or a query in the wrong format. This also happens because of unclear requests or wrong-spelled requests. But, whatever the reason is, it’s important to fix it.

Solutions For Conversation Not Found ChatGPT Error

Conversation Not Found ChatGPT Error

Conversation Not Found ChatGPT can be solved by Cleaning cookies, using the strong network, checking OpenAI staus, and some other ways. We strongly belive that these fixes are going to be effective.

Clean Cookies

If you are getting a Conversation not Found ChatGPT error, the first thing you should do is clean your browser’s cookies and cache. But before cleaning your cache and cookies, keep in mind that your saved password will be lost. So, keep a backup of your passwords first and then go ahead.


For Chrome: Click on the three-dot icon at the upper left corner. Then select clear browsing data.


For Safari: Go to Safari. Then go to settings. Then go to privacy and Manage website data. Then remove cookies.


You can check these official website’s instructions for clearing browser cache and cookies in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Use Strong Internet

Using a good network connection is the common fix for this type of error. If you are having difficulties making conversations with ChatGPT, then this might be because of a signal cut between you and the server of ChatGPT.


If it is then, you should check your internet connection and then try again. This should fix the signal cut issue and make it run again.

Check OpenAI Status

You can also check ChatGPT’s server status. If you see anything is wrong on the server or the server is temporarily down, then you should not do any more troubleshoots.


Check the server status after some time to see if it has been fixed or not. This process of fixing does not take long. It May take time between 30-60 minutes, and then you can make a conversation with ChatGPT again.

Sign Out & Sign In

If you are having Conversation not found ChatGPT error, then you should try refreshing your web page. If it does not work then you should log out from your account and then log in immediately. This will fix it if the error is because of login issue.

Wait and Try Again

You should wait for some time and try again after some moments. Because sometimes this kind of problem happens for some internal problem that we can not do anything about. In short, if any error occurs because of something we can not control, it is better to do nothing and wait.

Use Another Account

If you are having difficulty conversing with the ChatGPT account, you should try to use it with another account. You can sign up for another account very quickly, but remember that you must have an extra phone number to sign up. You can use a virtual phone number to sign up.


After signing up, you will have to go and start a new conversation to check if it is working or not.

Starting New Conversation

You can try starting a new conversation to fix Conversation Not working ChatGPT. And also, don’t forget to delete the previous conversation. There is a high probability is, this is going to fix the problem.

Contact OpenAI

If any of these methods don’t work, we highly recommend you go to the Help Center of openAi and report a bug issue. They will take that issue and tell you further fixes.


Q. What does conversation not found mean on ChatGPT?

Conversation Not found on ChatGPT means your conversation or command has not reached ChatGPT’s server. This problem usually happens due to server issues, corrupted cookies, and weak internet connection.

Q. Does ChatGPT make mistakes?

Yes, ChatGPT definitely makes mistakes. Sometimes, due to internal errors, ChatGPT gives some irrelevant and wrong answers.

Q. Does ChatGPT give wrong answers?

Yes, ChatGPT can give you wrong answers. It can also give you wrong data along with wrong answers.


In conclusion, Conversation Not Found ChatGPT error can be very, very annoying at the time of using it. But there is nothing to worry about. You can follow out given methods above and troubleshoot this problem. Best of luck!

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