ChatPDF: Everything You Need to Know (Price, Features, Alternatives)

Artificial intelligence is making our life easy to easier. However, it is still in the growing process. But, we have already got some crazy platforms that are based on AI such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, ChatPDF, DALL-E, etc. The ChatPDF is one of them. It is a platform that can analyze PDFs and find information!

ChatPDF Pricing Features Alternatives

The ChatPDF is an AI powered platform that can summarize, answer questions, analyze, and translate PDFs. You can use the ChatPDF for free!

In this article, We will look at everything about ChatPDF. From what is ChatPDF to ChatPDF alternatives, everything will be included in this article. So, without further do, let’s get on to it!

What Is ChatPDF?

The ChatPDF is an AI-powered platform that can summarize, answer questions, analyze, and translate PDFs. So, you will no longer need to to analyze the PDFs on your own. You can send it to the AI, and the AI will do the rest for you.


ChatPDF has become a popular AI tool after its release. It is currently serving 20 Million visitors per month. Which tells how useful and interesting this tool is. You can use it for free. It’s like a ChatGPT but for PDFs.


The user interface is so simple that, you can easily understand how to use it. Simply, you will have to go to the website of ChatPDF and upload a PDF. After uploading the PDF, You will be able to summarize it and ask any questions about it. Basically, you can use it like a chatbot.

Features of ChatPDF AI

ChatPDF, Pricing, Features, Alternatives
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There are many features that will attract you to use the ChatPDF. We have used the platform on our own and found these five best features that can help you in your daily work. Let’s have a look at them.

AI Powered Platform

First of all, it’s an AI platform. As we already know, AI platforms are fast, accurate, and cost-saving at the same time. There is no difference with ChatGPT. The ChatGPT is fast, accurate, and cost-saving. You can save a lot of time by using it for summarizing Big PDFs.

Can Extract From PDF's

The ChatPDF is liek ChatGPT but for PDFs. So, it is especially capable of understanding and analyzing PDFs. When you upload a PDF, it will give you the perfect results each and every time because of it’s advance ML algorithms.

Give Accurate Responses

The Artificial Intelligence algorithms of ChatPDF are trained to understand the data of every PDF. So, when you upload a PDF copy, the AI will analyze the complete text of the PDF and give you an accurate summary. Or, if you ask any questions regarding to the PDF, it will give you amazing and accurate responses!

Supports Multilanguage

The ChatPDF is not just stuck with the English language. Instead, it is a multilingual platform. Meaning, you will be able to use PDFs that are written in other languages. It can accept PDFs that are also written in French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, German, etc.

Has Powerful Security

The PDFs are always considered Personal documents. So, privacy and security should be top class in order to use the platform. The ChatPDF provides a top-level security system to keep your PDFs safe and secured.

How To Use ChatPDF

You can use the ChatPDF very easily. You also don’t need to sign up or log in! Now, Follow these steps below to use the ChatPDF for free:


  • Go to
  • Now, Drag and drop your PDF file. You can also paste the PDF file URL.
  • After that, The ChatPDF will automatically analyze the PDF copy and bring you to the chatbot dashboard.
  • No signup or login is required.
  • Now, you can ask anything regarding this PDF.
  • Literally, Anything!

That’s it! This is how you can use the ChatPDF. Wasn’t that easy?

Some ChatPDF Use Cases

The ChatPDF is an excellent tool that every group of people can use to make their daily work much easier. Let’s look at some of the ChatPDF use cases below:

For Students

If you are a student then, the ChatPDF will become your best friend of your. , as a student, you can use ChatPDF to do a summary of your PDF files, learn from it by aksing questions, and analyze it.

For Researchers

Nest up, The ChatPDF can be really great for the researchers. As researchers have to handle a lot of files including PDFs, it will be really great for them, if any AI can help them to analyze the PDFs.

For Translators

You can use this platform with multilingual PDFs to analyze. So, if you want to translate a PDF file, simply upload the PDF file and tell the AI to translate it into the language that you want. Boom! Your PDF will be translated.

For Content Creators

If you are a content creator then, the ChatPDF can help you with content writing, generating content schedule, outline, etc. So, if you have a PDF copy that contains contents, you can upload it to the platform and ask for any creative modifications.

For Professional

And the last use sector of ChatPDF, it’s for professionals. All types of professionals can benefit from this platform. It does not matter which profession you are in, you can use the platform and save time!

ChatPDF Pricing Plans

The ChatPDF is free to use. But, there are limitations. You can only upload 3 PDFs in one day. The size of the PDFs should be no more than 10 MB. There is a paid plan of ChatPDF which costs $5/month. You will get 50 PDFs upload with 1000 question limit per day.

ChatPDF Alternatives

If you don’t want to use the ChatPDF or want to try a different platform then, this section is for you. There are many ChatPDF alternatives that you can use. Such as PDFgear, ChatGPT,, etc. Give them a try and see which of them works bets for you!


Q. What is ChatPDF used for?

The ChatPDF is used for analyzing, asking questions, and summarizing PDFs with the help of Artificial intelligence.

Q. Is ChatPDF completely free?

Yes, ChatPDF is Free. But, with limits. You can only upload 3 PDFs in one day. but, if you purchase the premium plan which costs $5, you can upload 50 PDFs!

Q. Who is the CEO of ChatPDF?

Mathis Lichtenberger is the CEO of ChatPDF. Previously, He also founded Firefoo.


In conclusion, ChatPDF is a powerful AI-powered platform that can summarize, answer questions, analyze, and translate PDFs. You can use it for free and speed up your daily work. It is basically ChatGPT but for PDFs. Above this article, We have covered each and everything regarding ChatPDF. Thanks for reading!


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