ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass: Use ChatGPT Without Phone Number!

ChatGPT is a great platform that can generate human like responses in no time. But, for using this you need to sign u to it. And for sign up, it is mandatory to verify your phone number. This has been a issue for many users, as they don’t want to give their phone numbers. For then, we are here to show you how you can do ”ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass”!

ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass

For doing ”ChatGPT Phone number Bypass” you can use a virtual phone number instead of your real number. You can also use a temporary phone number just to verify. This way you can use ChatGPT without phone number!

In this article, we are going to guide through, the step-by-step way on hoy you can do ”ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass”. So, without any more do, let’s go!

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI Powered platform developed by OpenAI. It can generate highly engaging responses according to your prompt or requests. You can us it like a chatbot, virtual assistant, code generator, idea generator, essay writer, content writer, suggester and many more things.

The AI has been improved from baby to grown boy. To witness it’s growth and getting the advantages, you must check it out! But, in the time of signing up ChaGPT asks for your phone number. Let’s look at why is that?

Why ChatGPT Needs Phone Number?

In the time of Signing Up to OpenAI ChatGPT, users needs to put their phone number. This is for the security purpose. Because, ChatGPT’s platform is a very clean and safe user-friendly platform. It needs to verify your identity whether you are a real person or a bot. So, basically, ChatGPT asks for phone number only for verification purpose.

ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass

If you are worried about giving your real phone number in the time of Signing up, then there is nothing to worry about. Because, you can do ”ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass” easily by following the method we have shown below:

For ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass:


  • Go to a Virtual Phone number providers platform or temporary phone number’s platform.
  • You can use use popular and well secured platforms like RingCentral, Nextiva, Ooma,, etc. Virtual Phone number providers.
  • Get a phone number and use it in the ChatGPT Signup process.
  • An OTP will be senc to your virtual phone number. Log in to the Virtual Phone number dashboard and you should get the OTP there.
  • Now, place the OTP to ChatGPT.
  • That’s it. You are done doing ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass.


Q. Can I use ChatGPT without phone number?

No, You cannot use ChatGPT without phone number. But, you can use Virtual Phone number if you do not want to give your real phone number.

Q. How do I skip chatbot phone verification?

There is no way you can skip ChatGPT phone number verification. But, you can use Virtual phone number instead of using your actual phone number.

Q. How can I use ChatGPT without signing in?

For using ChatGPT without signing in, you will have to use Microsoft Bing Chat which is the exact same as ChatGPT-4. For using this, go to and you will get the Bing Chat option in the top bar. You can use it without Signing in.


There are also some others method that you can also use to use ChatGPT without phone number, such as using Microsoft Bing Chat, Using ChatGPT Alternatives such as Hugging Chat, Google Bard, etc. But, for doing ‘‘ChatGPT Phone Number Bypass” using a Virtual Phone Number is the best and easiest method.


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