7 Fixes For ChatGPT Not Working Error!

ChatGPT is a great AI-driven chatbot that produces natural-looking responses using the NPL model. There are almost a billion times users visit to use this amazing model. But, there is one issue with it, ”ChatGPT Not Working” issue. Do you know, how you can get out of this situation?

ChatGPT Not Working

You can fix ”ChatGPT Not Working” error by Clearing Cookies & Cache, Disabling Browser Extensions, Using a VPN, Checking out ChatGPT Status, Purchasing ChatGPT Plus, Using ChatGPT Alternatives and Finally, By Contracting ChatGPT Support Team.

When you get this error, normal usage gets hampered. In fact, if you don’t know exactly what to do, then this issue can last forever! For this reason, in this article, we have come up with the 7 best fixes for ”ChatGPT Not Woking” error. So, without any more saying, let’s check out the reasons and fixes!

Why ChatGPT Not Working?

Before jumping to the actual fixes, it’s better to understand why ChatGPT not working. It will give us an in-depth idea about this error and will help us to do the fixes more effectively.

1. Server Overload

The most common reason for this error is server overload error. If the server of ChatGPT gets overloaded, then the chatbot stops working. This issue generally happens because of mass user pressure.

2. Cache Issues

Cache and cookies issue is another common reason for ”ChatGPT Not working” error. Your browser can be having a cache error. So, in this case, until you fix this issue, the ChatGPT Not Working error will last!

3. Weak Internet Connection

Another big reason for this problem is because of poor internet connection. You device may be lacking enough strong network connection to work properly with ChatGPT, thus, resulting this error.

7 Fixes For ChatGPT Not Working Error

Before we go, make sure your device has a Strong Internet connection. Now, let’s see the 7 effective fixes for ChatGPT Not Working error below:

1. Check ChatGPT Status

The first and the most crucial thing you should you to fix this issue is check the server status of ChatGPT. For checking, all you have to do is go to OpenAI Server Status.


Then, check it the server is down or not. If the server is down, do not do any fixes. Because, after the server is up, you will be able to use it automatically. But, if the server is up, still you are unable to use ChatGPT, then follow the next fixes.

2. Clear Cookies and Cache

Clearing cookies and cache is a great solution for ChatGPT Not Working errors. By, cleaning the browser’s cache and cookies, you are giving your browser a fresh start which will solve this error. 


To clear the cookies and cache, follow these official pages of instructions for Chrome, FirefoxBing, and Safari.

3. Disable Browser Extensions

Your browser extensions can be a reason for this error. Because there are many extensions we use in our browsers that hampers the regular connectivity between apps and websites. Disable your installed extensions one by one and check if the problem is fixes.

4. Use a VPN

You can use a reliable VPN to fix your method. Sometimes this error occurs because of IP issues. And by using a VPN, you are relocating your IP address to a different location. For, VPN we recommend you to use a fast, reliable, well-secured VPN (Virtual Private Network)

5. Purchase ChatGPT Plus

If you are a normal ChatGPT user then, this issue can bother you again and again. But, if you shift yourself to ChatGPT Plus, then you will not face any type of issues, as per OpenAI. So, if you use ChatGPT often then, you should check out their premium options as well!

6. Use ChatGPT Alternatives

If you don’t want to shift to ChatGPT Plus, or neither your error is not fixing then, you can check out some more amazing ChatGPT Alternatives. You can use Google’s own Bard AI. This is the same quality chatbot as ChatGPT.


There are some other ChatGPT Alternatives in the market. Such as Hugging Chat, Caktus AI, Jasper AI, Character AI, Bing Chat, YouChat, etc.

7. Contact Support

If you have done these fixes, but still not happening anything then you should contact ChatGPT Help. To do that, go to ChatGPT Help Center. You will find a chat option in the bottom right corner.


Chat with the support team about your ChatGPT Not Working issue and the support team will look after the issue further!


Q. Why isn t ChatGPT working?

ChatGPT may not be working for many reasons such as sever overload, Cache and cookies issues, Browser issues, etc.

Q. Why can't i send messages on ChatGPT?

You may not be able to send messages on ChatGPT due to poor internet connection or server overload issues.

Q. Why won't ChatGPT work on Chrome?

ChatGPT may not work on Chrome for Chrome’s cache and cookies problem. To solve this, clear your browser’s cookies and cache then, try again.


‘ChatGPT Not Working” issue can be really annoying, especially if you are not aware of its fixes. Above this article, we have provided you with 7 effective, easy-to-do fixes that you can do to solve this error and start using this amazing chatbot again!


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