How To Fix ChatGPT Not Saving Conversations Error

ChatGPT not saving conversation error is recently experienced by the users. This is more likely a bug from Openai. When this bug happens you will no longer have access to a saved Chat in ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Not Saving Conversations

One of the basic features that ChatGPT users get is saving the conversating that they did previously on ChatGPT. This helps particularly to start a conversation from where a user left. But, when this feature doesn’t work, users have to restart their conversation from the very beginning.

In this article, I am going to break down this bug and give you some effective solutions that you can try to fix this issue. So, without any further delay, let’s move on to the main article.

What is ChatGPT Not Saving Conversations Error?

When you are unable to save your conversations with ChatGPT then it is called ChatGPT not saving conversation error. When this error happens users lost one of the most crucial features of ChatGPT. This error is mainly because of bug.

How To Fix ChatGPT Not Saving Conversations Error

ChatGPT not saving conversation errors mainly happens for bug errors. So, OpenAI will be looking at this issue and will quickly fix it. But, if this issue is occurring because of your side, then you need to take these steps to resolve it. Below we have given some of the fixes that are going to solve this error.

Wait Until The Bug Fixes

As we said earlier, this issue is happening mostly for Bug errors. In that case, you do not need to do anything. After ChatGPT fixes it you will be good to go.

Use Another ChatGPT Account

If you are having this bug error in your one ChatGPT account, then there is a probability that you will not get this error if you create another ChatGPT account.


The reason is when a bug error occurs; normally, it doesn’t affect every account. So, if you use your other account hen there is a high probability is you will not find any error.

Change Browser

Sometimes, your browser makes some errors that prevent some functions of certain websites. So, it is better to check by changing your primary browser.


We always recommend you to choose a well secured browser. In that case, you can use Microsoft Bing.

Log In After Some Moment

You can log in and try again after some moment. Because there might be some internal error happening at the time of this error. So it is better to check back after a few moments.


You can check again after 30 minutes, and if you see no changes in the error, then you may need to wait more time until the bug is fixed. There is nothing else you can do about it, honestly.

Contact OpenAI

If you have tried after some moment and found that it is still not fixing the error, then it is a good time to contact the help center of ChatGPT. You will have to go to the help center and complain about this issue in the chat box. After that, they will tell you about the further steps.


Q. Why is ChatGPT not saving chats anymore?

ChatGPT is not saving chats anymore because of a bug issue.

Q. Can you save a conversation in ChatGPT?

Yes, you can save a conversation in ChatGPT. In fact, it is an automatic process that ChatGPT does by itself to save Chats.

Q. Does ChatGPT retain data?

Yes, ChatGPT retains data.


In conclusion, ChatGPT not saving data conversation error is mainly a bug that should be fixed by OpenAI. But, you can do some fixes on yourself too for trying to fix it. I have listed some of the fixes above that you can execute in order to fix it!


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