Chat GPT Unblocked: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started

Chat GPT is an AI-powered Chatbot that helps people by giving quick and effective responses within a moment. But, there are some restrictions to use it. Some countries and some places have banned Chat GPT from using.

Chat GPT Unblocked

If so then, there is good news for you. You can use Chat GPT  from anywhere by breaking any restriction. But, How can you do Chat GPT Unblocked?


In this article, we are going to answer the question and show you some effective methods that you can use to do Chat GPT Unblocked. So, without further do let’s dive into the Article!

What Is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an Ai powered Chat BOT that produces human-like texts with no time. You can give it any type of command and it will deliver its response in an impressive way.


It has scraped data from the internet, books, novels, articles, etc. It is built with GPT-3.5 Architecture which is the most advanced technology ever invented in the chatbot industry.


There is also a premium version available called Chat GPT Plus which is built in GPT-4, a more advanced algorithm.

Why Chat GPT Blocked?

There are certain countries where Chat GPT has been blocked. Also, there are certain places where it is banned such as workplaces or schools. But, Why has it been blocked? let’s find out :

For Security

Security is one of the key reasons why chat GPT has been blocked. Many countries think Chat GPT is a threat. They think it will be stealing users’ data and search history as well as users’ information.


That’s why countries like Romania, Italy, China, Cuba, Iran, etc. have blocked Chat GPT for security reasons.

For Network Restriction

Sometimes you get blocked by Network. This usually happens with school networks or workplaces. Because it is unethical to use Chat GPT in school or the workplace.


Your computer’s firewall can be a reason  Chat GPT is blocked. Firewalls have the capability to block any website from connecting to the internet.

For Privacy

Sometimes for privacy concerns, a few of the network providers block Chat GPT. But, these are very few.

How To Do Chat GPT Unblocked?

Chat GPT Unblocked

Using Chat GPT can keep you well ahead in your research or any type of work. But, if it is blocked then how you can use it? Well, here are some of the methods you can follow to Do Chat GPT Unlocked:

1. Use VPN

One of the easier and less time-consuming methods to do Chat GPT Unlocked is by Using VPN. A virtual Private Network (VPN) can bypass your IP address and replace your IP with some other IP address.


When VPN connects with other countries which have Chat GPT Unlocked, then you can use Chat GPT without any issue.

2. Use Bing Chat

Microsoft Bing has integrated Chat GPT directly into their web browser. You can go to and use t without any signup or blocking issues. Isn’t that great?

3. Use Chat GPT Alternative

You can also use some alternatives instead of using Chat GPT. After Chat GPT has arrived, there are so many Chat GPT-like Chatbot tools relead on the internet.


Some of them offer exact same to same quality as Chat GPT. You can try them up. You can try ChatSonic, Jasper, DialoGPT, etc.

4. Use Google Bard

Google Bird is Google’s very own Chat BOT. This is one of the more secure and advanced Chat BOT. It has everything to compete with Chat GPT. If Chat GPT is blocked in your region tey you can use Chat GPT.

5. Use Snapchat Chat

Snapchat has also integrated Chat GPT-like chatbot into its platform. If you are using Snapchat then you do not need to go anywhere else, You can chat inside Snapchat!


Q. How do I unblock chat on GPT?

You can unblock Chat GPT by using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Q. How do I access ChatGPT if its blocked?

You can access ChatGPT if its blocked by using VPN, using Bing, Or using alternatives to ChatGPT.

Q. In which countries is ChatGPT not available?

Countries like Italy, North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, Syria,etc do not have ChatGPT available.


In conclusion, You can do Chat GPT unblocked by following many methods such as using VPN, Using Bing, Snapchat, Jasper, etc. But, always be careful before using Chat GPT. Always be ethically correct while using this fantastic chatbot.


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