Chai AI: The Character.AI Alternative That You Need to Try!

The Chai AI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatting platform where you can create your own character and chat with other characters! For those who are looking to get a Character AI alternative, this may be a great Alternative that you should try! In this article, We will completely look at the inside of Chai AI, from what is it to how to use it, everything will be covered.

Chai AI, Character AI Alternative

The Chai AI is an AI powered Apps that features chatting with bots for free. You can also create your own character in Chai AI. If you are looking for a alternative of Character AI then, the Chai AI can be a great option!

What is Chai AI?

The Chai AI is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows users to chat with different models. You may be familiar with Character AI. The Chai AI features similar to Character AI. You can also create your own character with full customization.


From setting the mane, avatar, gender, type, etc. everything about your character will be customizable. Plus, for those who are looking for a chatbot that has a mobile app, the Chai AI is goign to be an ideal option for them. Because the Chai AI is only available on Mobile Apps.


The Chai Research Company has seen a massive user response from their Chai AI chatbot as 100 Million chats were registered this month. With over one million plus downloads the App is simply becoming the next Editors choice!

How To Use Chai AI?

To use the Chai AI, you will have to download the official Chai app and sign up for it. The process of doing that is very easy to do. Let’s have a look at the process step-by-step:


  • Go to the Play Store or App Store, depending on your device type.
  • Now, search for “Chai AI”
  • You will get the Chai App, developed by Chai Research Corp.
  • Install the App.
  • After Installing, Open the App.
  • Now, sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

That’s it. You have successfully signed up it Chai AI. Now, enter your Chai dashboard and you will be able to use the platform free of charge. Explore the platform, build your character, and chat limitlessly!

Chai AI Key Features

As an upcoming Chatting platform, The Chai AI is giving many features that may attract a tech lover to use this platform. We have tested the app and found these top five features that may catch your attention!

1. Excellent Response

First things first, the Chai AI app is excellent in terms of giving responses according to user queries. When you are giving input int he chat bot, the responses are fells like real human talking. That’s a good point.


When we are comparing the Chai AI and the Character AI, we always think about the responses. Like how accurate, human-like the responses will be. But, after testing the Chai AI, we have found the app excellent in terms of responses.

2. Great Interface

One more feature that grabbed our attention is, the user- interface of this platform. It’s so easy to understand. If you are a new use of this platform then, we hop[e there will be no difficulty in understanding the functions of this app. This make is very handy for users.

3. Easy to Sign Up

The process of signing up to Chai AI is another great feature, we must say. You will be able to sign up with one click. Yes, just by one click. Because, when you are at the point of signing up, you will have to use your Google account or Facebook account. You can sign up easily with these accounts, within a moment.

4. Own Character Creation

You can create your own character using Chai AI. That is a great feature. We have got a kind of feature in the Janitor AI. In janitor AI, you can create your own character bot using a Free API. You can exactly do the same in Chai AI. Your character will be fully customizable.

5. Free to use

The Chai AI is free to use. Yes, we are taking this as a feature because there are many chatbot platforms around that charge their users after exceeding a certain limit of usage. But, in Chai AI, you can use the platform as much as you want, no limit will be applied. Though, there are premium plans available but, the free one will fulfill most of your needs.

Is Chai AI free to use?

Yes, The Chai AI is free to use. But, there are premium plans as well. The plans are $13.99/mo or $134.99/year. If you take the yearly plan, it will save a couple of bucks. There is another plan called Chai Ultra which costs $29.99/mo or $269.99/year.


But, if you are just using the app for fun purposes, then we will not recommend you purchase any plans. Because, with the free plan, you will get most of the exiting features. So, try the free version first and then, think about going with the premium ones.

Can you download Chai on PC?

No, you can not download Chai on PC. Because the Chai Research Corp. only launched its mobile application. There are no PC apps or online versions available. But, there is a way you can use the Chai App on your PC.


You can use Chai AI on your PC by using an Android emulation. An Android emulation is software that allows you to make a virtual phone on your PC. You can use Bluestacks as a secured Android emulation.


To use Chai AI on a PC, Download Blustacks Android emulation and install it on your PC. Then, log in to your App Store or Play Store. Then, search for Chai AI. Install it. Sign up using Google or Facebook. That’s it! You are now ready to use Chai on your PC.


Q. Does Chai AI save chats?

No, Chai AI Does not save chats. But, they may use the conversations between you and the chatbots to improve their AI chat models. But, you as a user will stay anonymous. You can read our dedicated article to learn more about this Here.

Q. Is Chai AI a safe app?

Yes, Chai AI is a safe app. The Chai Research Corp. has been committed to their user not selling users’ personal information, data, and other sensitive data.

Q. Does Chai AI collect data?

Yes, Chai AI Collects data for training their AI chatbot models. This is called the NLP. The other Chatbot platforms such as ChatGPT, Character AI, Hugging Chat, etc. platforms are also do the same.


In conclusion, The Chai AI is an amazing AI-powered chatbot platform that allows its users to chat and create their (User’s) own AI characters. If you are looking for a Character AI alternative or a Chat platform with Mobile apps then, this is a must-try for you. We hope that this article was useful to you and helped to gain quality information about the Chai AI. Thanks for reading!


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